Sunday, February 21, 2016

Pensacola, Lambert’s Café & Greyhound Dog Track

Southern Florida is now history for us.  We pulled out of Orlando a few days earlier than planned and spent that night in Tallahassee at the Elks.  It took a bit to get to since it was off our main traveling road and we seemed to hit every red light getting to the RV park.  Staying at the Elks usually is our first choice for just a night or 19_01two between places.  The accommodations for RV parking varies from one Elks to another.  Some of them are real classy with everything you can imagine down to others who offer just a spot on the grass.  The Tallahassee Elks wasn’t our favorite but we can’t complain too much since we did have water and electricity.  With the trees on the back of the lot, there was no way to get satellite reception but we were able to get the local channels from our other antenna. Anyway we decided it would only be for one night.

Our next stop was at the Pensacola Elks. We stayed at this location for two weeks when we were traveling south last fall and will probably stay about that long this time.  We originally thought we’d be putting our RV in a storage lot for most of the month of March. However, we've had to change some of our plans recently so now we’re thinking instead of doing that and flying to Washington, we’ll just head farther west (Arizona bound with a side trip to view the Texas Bluebonnets) in the RV.  Besides storing our RV in a storage lot means we'd have to  dispose of everything in our refrigerator and that's not fun. It seems every time we make plans, we end up changing them.


There’s a Sonny’s BBQ just off base where Sandi is stationed.  We LOVE most Sonny’s.  The good thing is Sandi loves it too and that’s where we decided to meet.  She looked great and she was proud to show us her new car!  

We ordered the family platter and shared it but Sandi got the leftovers!

19_08 19_09


Afterwards, we were escorted to her “apartment” (aka barracks).  WOW!  No wonder she likes her accommodations.  It’s like a two-bedroom apartment on the edge of the Gulf!  What a view!

They even have a private beach!


Saturday we took a short drive to Foley, Alabama and the outlets.  We discovered a great place to fuel up.  It’s been a mighty long time since we’ve seen fuel at $1.49 a gallon! 


There was a little shopping for a few necessities like a new top and a couple pair of shoes that weren’t government issued.

The real reason for visiting was to stop for an early dinner at Lambert's Café, home of the throwed rolls!  It was amazing but this eating has got to stop because I see another diet in my very near future. 

20_10 20_04

Lambert’s Café isn’t just about eating.  It really is an experience.  The prices are mo20_08re than fair especially when you consider in addition to what you order, you get quite a few more sides included with the “pass arounds”.   To top it off, the servers entertain the guests by juggling the rolls. 


  ----  Another pass-around with okra!


Sunday?  Well, we were off to the Greyhound Dog Racing track to expose Sandi to the other side of life.  It was on my dime and we had a great time!  

‘Tis life on the road. 


  1. We enjoy Lambert’s too. A fun place to have a good meal.

    Sandi looks very good.

  2. Lambert's is a fun place to eat, have been to that same one a few times.
    Very reasonable and lotsa food.
    Glad you had a great time there.

  3. the park we stayed at in Foley was real close to Lamberts but we simply passed on it since we always overeat in places like that and do matter how good the food is we end up feeling poorly after over indulging...

  4. You should try Maguires, spelling?, Its an Irish Pub with a lot of interesting decorations. Food is great. Sunday they have a brunch plus you can order off the regular lunch menu. Rueben sandwiches are amazing. Beware it is larage portions.

  5. We were saying the same thing about our eating in Roswell. It's been fun, but we have to "get back on program" when we leave on Wednesday! Lamberts looks like a great time. Safe travels west.

  6. Did you notice my last few blogs have all included food get togethers. And we have another for tomorrow night. Good grief. Looking forward to seeing you when you get out this way.

  7. What fun you have been having.

    We are away from friends now and able to eat properly and less.

  8. Good to get to spend some more time with Sandi.

    I miss Lambert's. But, it's probably a good thing they don't have one around here. Although I do get at least three, and usually four, meals out of each visit by bringing home all the chicken fried steak while eating cottage cheese for my protein while there. I love their potatoes fried with onions which is one of the free pass-arounds. Can't eat the okra, though; have tried several times.

  9. It's so nice that you get to visit Sandi and spoil her rotten. It's what grandparents are supposed to do, right? ;c)

  10. Sandi does look great for all three of you that you get to see her often.

  11. Wow...1.48/gal for gas is really way down, but I wonder why Diesel is still 2.69/gal. That is even more than here in Maine. Should be interesting to hear their reasoning for that.


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