Friday, February 12, 2016

Great RV Site in Orlando

6_05One thing we have learned is RVers make and cancel reservations a lot.  We had been checking daily for a possibility of moving our reservations forward a day or two in Orlando.  Every day we checked the park was full but we knew that could change and it did.  Someone cancelled and we grabbed the earlier
date.  Thus, we were able to move one day earlier than planned.  Yippee!

We also like pulling into busy parks about the time others are moving out.  That usually means we have a better selection of a site.  So, we arrived just before 10 AM and grabbed a great site.  It’s long, it’s big and we have lots of space between us and our closest neighbor.  We’re here for a couple weeks … subject to weather before we turn the RV northwest in the direction of Pensacola.

The weather has turned chilly.  We’ve sure had the ups and downs with it this year with unusually hot and unusually wet and now this – cool and windy.  The good thing is the sky is blue even though the temperature cool.    I think the predictions about El Nino has definitely become a reality.

Tuesday the wind was blowing and it was downright cold.  It was a great day to meet up with Lee and Loralie.  We met halfway in between in the small town of Mascotte, Florida.  We could only find one small restaurant in that whole town, Rainbow Restaurant.  What a treat it was and we had no problem sharing experiences over the last few years since we'd seen each other.  We had a great time catching up and hopefully, we’ll meet again someplace and at sometime.

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The plan for Wednesday was Universal Studios.  However, it was still chilly and windy.  Besides that my 30-day 11_03guarantee on the glasses I purchased from LensCrafters was running out and my old ones still had better vision for me than the new ones.   So, it was off to another optometrist instead only to discover that the prescription wasn’t quite right.  LensCrafters wanted to send the order out but there were two things wrong with that.  One was the 30 day guarantee would be over and the second was we wouldn’t even be in the area by the time the glasses were returned.  Thus, a refund was in order and now I get to do this all over again!

Thursday turned into our first stop at Universal Studios.  Thank goodness for GPS directions.  We moved smoothly through the traffic, paid our $20 parking fee and found a good parking spot.  After that it was a little more difficult as the entrance line was long due to new screening equipment.  It took forever it seemed to finally get inside.  

However, another story is about Universal Studios and Harry Potter World but that's another blog.    We were zonked on our return but it sure was fun.  We discovered we preferred Universal to Disney’s Hollywood Studio.  Amazing!hobbies-Janice-Hyder

A good portion of this year has been spent with our friends, the Hyders.  I didn’t realize Janice was such a famous person until Jerry sent me a link to a magazine article.  Check out this article where she was featured in a previous Motorhome magazine with her woodcarving.  Here’s the article.  

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. And now we are having record heat. It's been a very strange weather year. We were at Universal several years ago and much preferred it. I can understand why you're exhausted. It's sure fun to know somebody famous. Janice is really talented.

  2. I'm surprised you didn't get a magic wand at Harry Potter World, learn a few spells and turn the weather warm and sunny. A missed opportunity! :cD

  3. We enjoyed Universal 16 years ago as well was fun at the time.
    Loving the weather here even more than before.

  4. Brrrr. Hope that weather has changed by now.

    Janice is really talented! Paul just got out his woodcarving stuff again.


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