Monday, January 11, 2016

The 3 P’s - Playing, Planning and Plotting

Normally this time of year we’re sitting in the sunshine in Quartzsite, Arizona.  That’s not to say we haven’t been there 10_01when it isn’t so sunny and warm in January.  We’ve endured the wind, the rain and cold in Arizona also.  It seems this is one of those not so normal years.

This was our year to check out the winter in Florida.  However, with six of us sitting in the same park, we decided to celebrate one Friday night just like we did 10_12the year before when we were parked on the Arizona desert.  We called it our Mexican night.  Last year we had a pinata so this year we had to have a pinata too.


We also added a table full of nummy Mexican food treats.


Unlike previous years, this whole winter is spent in mostly full hookup parks with other snowbirds.  We’ve done very little boondocking.  We’ve also enjoyed new activities.


aa10_01Monday night we met with John and Sharon, Jerry and Janice and Tom and MaryJane at Johnny Malloy’s (plus a few other folks from the same park). 

This place hops on Monday nights because of the 25 cent chicken wings.  You have to show up an hour early just to guarantee you’ll have a place to sit.  

Even though we’ve had hit or miss service, it’s still a fun place to meet.  We sat around and “shot the bull” for hours before we all gave up and decided it was time to head on out of there.  It was just another fun night in “paradise” with other RVing friends.

It has definitely been a different year and our time in South Florida will soon be behind us.  Beginning in just a few more weeks  we start heading north a little at a time.  Thus, the Plotting has started to get underway.  Tentatively, we’ll probably head a short distance north and connect with other RV friends in Wauchula.  From there it’s on to Orlando with more friends to reconnect with before we take a few days to visit Harry Potter World.

Our Planning is looking at a few other Florida coastal towns before we take a turn west.  At least we have a little bit of a plan but as you know every plan I make is subject to review and change.

When we left Washington at Christmas time a very important item was left someplace along the way.  It was my internet Wifi.  It’s not an important item as long as we’re in this park because internet is provided.  However, once we’re on the road, it’s very important. 

The cost of buying a new one through AT&T is about $300 without a contract.  The cost of buying a used one on Amazon was about $35 and that’s what I did.  With a new sim card, we’re now set up and ready to go again.

What about those Seahawks?  Who would have thought the Vikings would have missed what could have been a winning field goal in the last few seconds of the game?  WOW.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Looks like fun in Florida is winding down, and in the desert is winding up.
    Have fun in your travels.

  2. Y'all are having so much fun. Maybe we should have reconsidered and spent the winter in FL. Glad you are having good weather. It is windy and chilly here in Mission, TX. This is the strangest weather we have ever seen here.

    Tell everyone we say Happy New Year and keep enjoying the good life.

  3. So many fun times and good memories. Warmer here today but windy. Definitely need your wifi when you're on the move. I still feel sorry for that Vikings kicker. That really has to be hard to deal with.

  4. Definitely looks warmer there than it is in Q right now - warming trend on the way though :-) Your party looks like a great time - video of the pinata "letting" didn't happen??? Our winter plotting and planning has already changed and we still love that it's so easy to do that.

  5. I envy all those smiling faces. What fun you are having.

  6. So what you're saying is you don't miss Q at all? So nice to see you having a great time in Florida, and when you leave, you won't be cleaning sand out of everything. ;c)

    Have fun at Hogwarts, we haven't been there yet so we'll be looking forward to your report.

  7. we will raise a glass to you and all our missing "classmates" here in Quartzsite :)
    enjoy the warm. Here, tis a bit cool :(
    PS love the Piñata

  8. Looks like you picked the right year to go to Florida.

    Good thing I'm not a football fan or based on what you said I'd have to be mad at both the Vikings and the Seahawks.


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