Friday, January 22, 2016

A Couple Pros and Cons


In Florida this year we’ve experienced record high temperatures and complained about the high heat and humidity.  Our air conditioner has run constantly at times but now that’s all behind us.  Temperatures have lowered.  We’ve even experienced way too many Florida storms.  We’ve had heavy rain, thunderstorms and even a couple near-by tornados. I guess this is what Floridians call winter.

enghaziDuring one of those storms Terry and I decided to go to a movie.  We hadn’t been to a movie in what seemed like forever.  This time we decided to see 13 Hours.   It was an amazing move but we sat too close to the huge screen  and with all the chaos shots it was like being on a Disney ride.  Next time I go to a theater, it’ll be in the back row.

bananaMorning coffee seems to be important to some.  I’m one of those and a fan of the Keurig coffee pods. I also like the many different coffee flavors on the market.  Some aren’t easily available in pods.  However,  I hate it when I discover I’m out of all coffee pods and that’s happened way too often for me.   Having an extra pound of coffee around doesn’t do any good if you don’t have some way to filter it.  So, I decided to try a refillable pod but this time with filters.  You can also control the strength of the coffee by double filtering.  Now I wish I’d refilltried the filters a long time ago.  I can use any flavor I want  and the savings is about 42 cents per cup for the specialized coffee.  Definitely some pros and cons of a Keurig.

We’ve discovered there are definitely some pros and cons with a seasonal RV.  One of the biggest advantages, of course, is you get to meet your neighbors and participate in park activities.  I’m not sure if all of that is good or bad but that seems to be what happens.  Whether its all a pro or a con is up to the individual.  The con would be if you don’t like your neighbors.

One of the activities we enjoyed was a group kayak adventure.  There are many places around here to kayak and we’ve certainly enjoyed that.  This time we put in at the Koreshan Historical Site which is on the Estero River.  What fun that was!


We also enjoyed the birds and turtles along the way.

kayak_17 kayak_11

Not only did we have a great time kayaking but we also enjoyed checking out the surrounding history in the park. The Koreshans arrived about 1893.  It was a religious sect that believed in communal, celibate living.  The Koreshans believed that the universe existed from the center of the earth.    In 1961 the property and buildings were donated to the State of Florida by the surviving members.  I’m thinking that celibate living was the end of them.

kayak_21 kayak_19

One thing I was able to accomplish was finally getting an eye exam and a new pair of glasses from Lenscrafters.  I was shocked at the price.  Janice got new glasses too.  However, she ordered hers online and saved about $450 from what I spent!!  Next time that’s what I’m going to do.

I had always wanted to vis_rc_01it Ruth’s Chris Steak House, always.  Terry had been there and even Jerry and Janice had.   When posting a review on Yelp for California Pizza Kitchen, I started browsing for fun places to eat.  Ruth’s Chris Steak House popped up for Happy Hour.


Ever been to Ruth's Chris Steak House for Happy Hour?  That’s what we did.  All the entrees were $8.  That’s right, only $8 which is about a savings of $40 per person compared to their dinner menu.  The menu is limited but so are most Happy Hour menus.   Jerry and Terry had the steak sandwich and Janice and I each ordered the Crab BLT.  Fantastic!  

I'm sure we'll be visiting Ruth's again in the future.  The only thing we did wrong was underestimate the crowd that shows up.  Seating was limited but we were lucky to even get seats at the bar --- real lucky.  Next time we'll show up a little earlier to get table seating.

We have enjoyed the people at Imperial Bonita Estates.  We’ve enjoyed numerous group activities but our hitch has been really itching.  We’re ready to move on but hope to get in another kayak trip or two before we move out.  In ten more days we’ll be doing just … moving on.  We’re connecting with Tina and Jeff for about a week and then back to Orlando to visit Harry Potter World.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. With Jim's health issues being in a place where we know most folks is a big advantage for me. But sitting here for months really starts to drive me crazy if I think about it. Celibacy would have a tendency to eliminate a group if folks. I didn't realize Ruth's had such great happy hour prices. That would be the only time we could afford them.

    1. Happy Hour there is a treat for those who don't want to order from their regular menu. Give it a try!

  2. Thats sounds like a good deal for happy hour, no wonder they were busy.
    Staying in one spot more than a week or 2 is about our limit if we can, works great for us.

  3. Love the kayaking adventures...looks like so much fun. I'm thinking that is a great way to enjoy a group.

  4. So you go to a premier steak restaurant and order a crab BLT? You certainly don't follow the crowd. :cD

    I don't drink coffee, but Marti does and loves her Keurig. She's worn out two over the years. I like that it's one cup at a time. Before she got it, there was a lot of wasted coffee because she had to brew a whole pot that never got finished. Now with the money we saved, we can afford steak at a steak restaurant.

  5. We saw 13 hours yesterday. You find the best deals.

  6. I got glasses at Costco and they were cheaper than what they wanted in Mexico.

  7. We will see 13 hours next time. We love going to the movies in Yuma because it's just $5.00 each for seniors. We saw Revenant. Don't bother.

  8. Thank you for telling us About the Happy Hour at Ruth' Chris Steak House. Such a deal.

  9. Had no idea that a "Harry Potter World" existed. Seems like if one adds "world" to some fancy story you got a hit.

  10. I have never heard of refillable pod. I am going to look for them in the grocery store. I have to drink decaf, and I cannot find decaf flavors. Thanks for the heads up.

    I think you might be on to something with the celibate living...hehe

    Paul ordered his prescription sunglasses online. What a deal. He ordered from Zenni. He ordered a pair of glasses from there too. Both great.

    Looks like you are living the good life. Enjoy!

  11. I'll have to look for those filters, although I'm usually too lazy to fill my own pod :-( Truly pros and cons to so many things and places. We want to see FL eventually but haven't been inspired by their weather in any season. Great idea to have appetizers, rather than having to take out a loan for dinner :-)

  12. If happy hour is good-what more can you ask for:)

  13. We also get our glasses at Costco- its worth the price of membership- progressive transitional glasses for under $200- can't beat it.
    I've never been to a Ruth Chris- would be worth a try at happy hour!


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