Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Repairing a Camera and Keeping busy in Florida


Big Flea Markets seem to be pretty popular especially in places where snowbirds go.  We discovered a big one about a mile from our park.  Just like all the rest of them, they’re only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

With it being so close, we definitely had to check it out.  You can get some pretty good buys at markets like this and you also can get some junk.  We ended up with a little bit of each.  For one, Terry couldn’t walk out without one of those colorful laser lights.  We’ll see how long that lasts us.


In addition to all the other “stuff” for sale by one of the 600 merchants , you could eat breakfast fairly cheap and end up taking home fresh produce or seafood.  Most of the produce comes from a local u-pick market.

We’ve had more than our share of cloudy days and rain.  However, we’re thankful to report that the deluge of rain that’s been hitting Miami has bypassed our area.  However, Miami isn't the only place getting hit with lots of rain.  Both our kids live in Kalama, Washington.  That's where we call "home".  It's been hit hard with flooding, landslides and downed trees.  Even the town has closed down due to nearly a foot of water covering the streets and buildings.  El Nino is sure living up to it's reputation.

The park we are currently staying at has lots of empty sites.  That changes in January when every one of them is booked.   Our prospective on prices has certainly changed since we’ve arrived in Florida.  Not only are the RV parks expensive but so are the groceries.   In Arizona you can find a decent park under $500 a month during the winter.  Around here if you find an opening for $1,000, you’re really lucky. 

08_021 08_023

Getting together with people seems to be the norm rather than the exception.  Food is usually a part of each gathering.  We had a little seafood spread the other night.  Good time, good friends … what more could we ask for?



We also decided to see if we could sell Terry’s nearly new electric folding bike.  The only problem with it was that we didn’t have the charging cord to it.   So, now mark it SOLD!  We sold it in less than 24 hours.  Thank you, Craigslist.  Now his new one should arrive on Friday.

In 2014 we took a kayak trip in the San Juan Islands.  Prior to jumping in the kayak, I dropped my nearly new Sony HX30V camera on a rock and cracked the LCD screen.   My project on Tuesday was replacing that screen.  LCD replacements were available on Amazon so I ordered one and crossed my fingers I could do it.


Here’s my project –    First it took unscrewing of 8 little screws to snap the back off.  Next the two ribbons were disconnected to the old screen.  

The hard part was getting the new ribbons through the connectors but eventually they locked in.  All that was left was putting it back together.


Success … here’s the finished product.  Perfect.

9_002There are lots of beautiful beaches in Florida …. lots of them.  To start with right down the road is Bonita Beach.  It’s a beautiful and a popular beach.  Rentals of every kind are there from beach chairs to wave runners and even private tours.  You can rent something or just spend time at the beach bar and eat or drink.  


The choice of what to do is yours.  We just walked the beach and collected a few seashells.

Doc's Beach House at Bonita Beach


Just down the road from Bonita Beach we had a chance to check out Barefoot Beach.  It wasn't quite so crowded but there was still a lot going on.

We saw a family taking pictures for their Christmas cards.

9_013 9_007
 There's nothing like dangling your toes in the sand.  Actually, I think it's required at Barefoot Beach.


Watching the sunset over the Gulf is pretty popular.  Folks started coming with chairs just before sunset.


And there it was, what everyone had been waiting for --- Sunset.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. I think we ate at Doc's and they had great pizza!

  2. We spent one winter in Florida and although there was a lot we loved about it, there was a lot we didn't. Bugs, humidity, and money were the main negatives. Arizona has Florida beat on those top three categories. We spent 2 months in the Keys and felt that we had KEYS DISEASE by the time we left :)

    1. I have that disease and those are the things I don't like either. I do love the beach though.

  3. You are having fun there thats for sure.
    Oir feeling about Florida are the same as Sue's.
    We still love Arizona too much not to come here if at all possible.

  4. I'm with Sue also. But I understand your loving the beach which is definitely a minus for Arizona. Pretty talented you are - fixing your camera.

  5. We did it! Great job of repairing your camera.

    Calexico Flea Market is an experience. Would I recommend it? Nah

  6. The beaches are beautiful and being from Georgia, we spent many a vacation there. I have to agree with the other comments...the west is best!

    1. I forgot to say...I am most impressed with your camera repair!

  7. Oh my goodness, every time I see the weather I see Washington in rain. Gracious.

    Do you post those pictures of y'all have an awesome time just to drive me nuts? Because if you do, it is working.

    Look at you little Miss Repair Lady. Good job.

    What a great place to take a Christmas photo. That is such a dang cute idea.

  8. Yay for do-it-yourself camera repair that works! And yay for selling Terry's bike so quickly! And yay for cheap breakfast. And yay for whatever else I forgot already. :)

  9. I foresee a whole new career for you: Camera Repairman, er, Repairwoman. Nice to see that it worked out well for you, certainly beats buying a new one. :c)

    Flea Markets are lots of fun, even more fun when living in an RV and having no extra space. Sure helps keep money in the wallet!

  10. I never thought to try and repair a camera:) FL beaches is what keeps all of us coming back!

  11. I was also impressed with the camera repair. I don't think I would even have thought of it. We really liked Florida but we pretty much stayed in the Thousand Trails parks. Saved us some money.


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