Sunday, November 29, 2015

Does Trouble Come in Fours?

Lots has happened since the last post and we still haven’t dug out from it.  To begin with it was Thanksgiving week.  I mentioned previously that Joe and Sharon spent a couple days with us at our RV park.  We had a great time catching up with them before they headed back to Tampa for Thanksgiving with family.  No sooner had they left than Harry and Arlene pulled in from Tennessee.  We met them when
we were mooch-docking at the Hyder’s place this summer. 

Instead of joining in with the Thanksgiving dinner offered at Thousand Trails, the six of us opted to head to the Bob Evans Restaurant just down the road.  To begin with the Thousand Trails dinner came with a $20 fee and was slated to begin at 5:00.  We had a delicious meal at Bob Evans’ for $15 and got to eat at a much preferred time of 2:00.  That was a perfect choice.  It also left us with time to hit the pre-Black Friday sales. 

When they say trouble comes in threes, they’re lying.  We’ve discovered four may be the actual number and we’re hoping that’s as high as Trouble can count.  

First, we had a mis-aligned awning and two slide awnings that needed to be replaced.  Upon arrival at our Orlando area park we contacted Master Pro RV Services to replace the slide awnings and fix the main awning.  It took them over a week and us to bug them to even order parts.  It’s been nearly three weeks now and not all the parts are in even though before we paid for them, we were guaranteed everything would be completed before November 30th. So far, that hasn’t happened and we wouldn’t recommend them for future repairs. $$$
My trusty computer died.  It just froze up and ended it’s life.  At least the hard drive is dead and took most of what was on the drive with it.   Of course, that’s not the end of the problem.  Finding someone knowledgeable enough to recover everything from the old hard drive is another issue.  We discovered a few who thought they were and have only computerbeen proven WRONG.  It takes so much time and so much work to set up a new computer  and that's what I've been doing ……   Down the road I'll put a new drive in the currently dead laptop but that'll have to wait.   $$$

Next, the alternator in our truck went out.  Another replacement was quickly made and more $$$ was released from very tight purse strings. 

Then, we had one more crash the same day as the alternator.  It seems our inverter decided to bite the dust.  Well, the inverter does come on but no “ juice”  is being transmitted to the coach. That repair will have to wait until we move down the road in a few days. $$$
I'm now beginning to think we've caught a disease.  It's the Rempe disease.  Now if you aren't familiar with that, it's contagious and passed from one RV owner to owner.  The deal is if you pass your bad luck on to someone else, all your troubles will be go away.   Now we just need to find someone else to pass ours to.  

After Thanksgiving dinner, Terry and I headed to Best Buy.  Since my computer had bit the dust (thus, very few pictures over the last few days) ,  I was in the market for another one ….. immediately!  What we forgot to think about were the lines.  The line to Best Buy was tremendous and we were thankful not everyone was after the same sale item we were.  We made our way through the crowds, found a laptop with features similar to the one that just died and saved $250 to boot.  We were also back out that door fairly quickly.

On Friday, the Hyders threw a birthday bash and Harry and I shared the honors  of blowing out the two candles and being sung too.  Again, we had a great time just visiting, eating and enjoying the company.    Then, on Saturday they took us out to Longhorn.  What fun.  With all the disasters over the last few days, it certainly won’t be a birthday I’ll forget anytime soon!  

So, we have one more visit at Walt Disney World on Monday and then, we’re on the road heading farther south.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. All those $$$$ sure doesn't make for good memories. That happened to us this year also and it's not fun. Glad you're having good times with friends though. That does help. I use Click Free as a back up for my computer. It worked really well when my computer died a couple years ago.

  2. Hmm not fun but you made it through, we had our share of troubles this year, don't need any more at the moment thanks.
    Good luck with the rest of your stay.

  3. Do they know the 30th is tomorrow! What terrible service for sure.

    People that don't work on computers have no idea how long it takes. The weekend before we left in Sept., our niece bought her computer for college and wanted to know if I could set it up on Sunday for her class on Monday. I was furious because I had done this for my brother's home computer, and they knew darn well it took hours and hours. I told her no. She would have to have the computer here by Friday night. Guess what...she ran out and bought it, and I had it Friday night.

    Man are we glad y'all are in FL and not TX. I don't think the Rempe disease can travel this far.

    Happy belated birthday. It will be a birthday to remember. Enjoy Disney and safe travels. Hope you are feeling much better from the Rempe disease! Remember to change your towels

  4. We've got to get some computer work done soon to rectify the problem of posting pictures to our blog.
    If you are thinking four is the new three we found out differently. We had a hefty emergency fund that became a memory back in 2013. Notice the last to numbers. That's right we had 13 problems that drained our emergency fund and added to our credit card debt that year none of which we saw coming. Here's hoping we and you never see that kind of thing again.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. WHAT THE HECK! I never forget birthdays. How did yours get by me.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JERI - please forgive me

  6. Be sure to let us know who gets the Rempe from you so we can steer clear! You were brave to take on that Best Buy line, but you're also doing Disney so you're in the zone. Happy Belated Birthday, hoping it includes getting the toppers all done on Monday!!

  7. Please stay far, far away from me! I have enough trouble with Murphy and his attacking gremlins, I seriously don't need any more issues! :cO

    You should be able to pass the Rempe on to someone else as you head further south, there's all kinds of RVers down that way to choose from. Makes me glad I'm a little bit further north from you.... :cD

  8. Ohmy. I do wish you had instead called Camping Connection while in that area. We had an A/C unit go out this summer in JULY while at Disney. They did a terrific job. If in need of RV repairs again (I hope not) I would highly recommend them.

    Mooch-docking.... I have to remember that term.

  9. Sure hope your turn is done now. Just a quick reminder that we no longer own an RV so are not in line for you to pass that disease to.

  10. All those troubles, even though expensive, can be overcome, as long as the two of you stay healthy. Felt very much reminded of that by reading Joe and Betty's blog.


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