Saturday, November 14, 2015

Disney’s Epcot and Hollywood Studios

012_2Thursday was the day we planned to spend at Epcot.  It’s amazing what you learn through experience or after the fact.  We did learn that the Fast Passes work best if you book them days in advance.  Other people do.  We planned our trip to Epcot just like we plan most of our RV travel.  In other words, we figured we’d just wing it.  Over all, it worked for us.  Considering we were at Disney it was a good day to go.  Lines weren’t terribly long even though there were a lot of people there.  For Disney the crowds were low.

Parking is not free.  We expected to pay.  We knew Disney wouldn’t let us park for free.  However, we were a little surprised at the $20 fee!!  Visiting Disney can definitely be expensive.  The parking is just a start.  Should you decide to visit and pay the daily fee that’s a whopping 012_4$97.  Once inside you’re not going to find a lot of cheap drinks or food but after all, it’s Disney.

We started our visit in the front of the park, just like everyone else.  Since we already had our tickets, we were able to bypass the long entry line.  Thank goodness for that!

Our first adventure there was right at the very famous golf ball, Spaceship Earth,  as we were taken back in time.  We liked that. 


We also enjoyed Ellen DeGeneres’ Universe of Energy.  That was fantastic.  Our third ride was quite different and a little unexpected for a Disney adventure.  

Ever been to Mars with the Orange Thrill? We were a little surprised with the simulation of g-forces.  This ride was changed from the Space Mission a few years ago due to a couple deaths and illnesses associated with the ride. Now they offer a green ride and an orange ride.  The green ride is "soft" compared to the orange ride.  There were plenty of warnings for both but I think folks ignore most of them. After all, this is Disney.

We discovered what we felt wasn’t necessairly unusual as after-effects are common including dizziness, nausea and disorientation.  Those feelings don’t go away for quite some time.  It definitely put a little damper on the Epcot experience for some time afterwards. Would any of us but Terry think this ride was a fun one ... not at all.  He liked it.  We didn't.

012_8 012_9

The temperature was hot – nearly 90 degrees but we occasionally did find shade and even found seats at times.  We 012_3didn’t do a lot of rides but the rides we did do offered air conditioning, entertainment and inside seating.  You can’t do everything in one day.  Really you can’t.  You have to prioritize and if that doesn’t work, you just have to move on to the next one or come back.

We visited during Disney’s International Wine and Food Festival. 

It was definitely fun visiting all these countries.  Most of them we’ve really visited but at Epcot it doesn’t cost as much, takes less time to get there and no passport or flight required.

012_19 012_20 012_22


All the countries in the World had three small dishes you could taste ….. for a fee, of course.  This was the best way to snack through Epcot.  The sizes were small but still worth sampling.

012_11 012_13 012_17
We opted for the Kefta  Beef pocket at Morocco along with the Fisherman’s Pie and Cheese plate in Ireland.  Yummy.
012_25 012_24 012_26


Even our northern neighbor was represented and we thought of a few Canadian friends and relatives.

Canada had a 012_30beautiful display to represent their country.


I probably don’t need to mention how tired we were.  Maybe the word “exhausted” would be a good description though.


Even though we had visited Epcot and the Magic Kingdom at Disney World before, we had not been to Disney’s Hollywood Studio. On Friday we did that.  Everything we saw was new and different.  Using the FastPass+ was impossible at least for the most popular events.  That’s not to say that we couldn’t have stood in line for upwards of 2 hours at some of them. 


The backdrops at the studio were amazing.  We enjoyed walking through, fighting the crowds and especially those with all the strollers.  There were an awful lot of little kids at this park.  Weren’t they supposed to be in school at this time of year? 


The Great Movie ride was amazing and we did enjoy it.


The big guitar marked the beginning of the line for Aerosmith’s Rock’n Roller Coaster.  When we checked it out the line was only about an hour long .. an hour long!

Streets of America and Sunset Blvd were other areas at the Hollywood Studio.

013_6 013_5

We did learn how to jump from park to park.  With the buses, boats and monorail getting around is pretty easy.  After a day of rest we plan to go at it again.  On Sunday we’ll visit Magic Kingdom and Tuesday we’ll go to Animal Kingdom.  We’ve even booked what FastPass+ selections we could. 

Back to reality, I received an invitation to a formal event in Austin.  Sure, I knew it was coming but now I have to decide whether to plan on going or send regrets.  My traveling wardrobe does not have anything formal in it and Terry certainly doesn't have a tux in his closet!  Hmmm.  I'm not so sure I'd be welcome in a pair of capris and a t-shirt!

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. We know what you mean about the expense and being exhausted at the end of your day when doing Disney. We took our granddaughter in 2003 and then our grandsons in 2011. Don't think we'll be doing that again anytime soon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. We enjoyed our 3 day visit there 16 years ago, thanks for bring back the memories.
    My brother took us to Disney Christmas 1999 and we did enjoy it, he was a disney Fanatic had a yearly pass and was there all the time for years until he passed away in 2000. Cancer at such a young age.
    Formal events, we would have to send our regrets.
    Keep enjoying Florida and don't wear yourself out.

  3. I am sure I would have never gone on that ride!

    I would have liked to sample Africa.

    Did you see our friends, Randy and Sharon? They were there during the wine

    Now I understand why you are so tired! Thanks for the tour. I know we will never get there again. We were there when the girls were about 7 and 8. I am sure there are tons and tons of changes. Enjoy your other two days. I will stay home and take a nap for y'all.

  4. Wow, that's a lot of money. We just have to figure out how to get in the group that Jason's father-in-law takes to Disneyland every year. There are usually 10 - 15 of them. Sheesh.

  5. Hope you feel you got your $20 parking fee's worth. That is one charge that I feel is a blatant rip-off to WDW visitors. Sadly, most of the other Orlando attractions have followed Disney's lead on parking. :c(

    Thankfully, when we stay at Fort Wilderness CG (which is pretty expensive, too), you get a parking permit that waives the parking fee if you take your own car to Disney Parks instead of the buses. We often drive our own car because it's faster than the buses, and lots of less waiting after a long day in the park.

  6. I'm pretty sure we ate at China. Inside. Because that's where we were when we decided we couldn't walk another step without sitting down for awhile first.

  7. Now that was a day! We also stayed at Fort Wilderness CG and used the "free" transit/boat to get around.

  8. Went to Disneyland all the time but haven't made it to World yet. I'm sure I'll have to do it without Bill though - definitely not his "thing". Does Canada have a "food"?

  9. We spent a week there in the campground a few years ago. It was fun but the crowds can be a bit daunting.


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