Thursday, November 12, 2015

Disney Springs and Thousand Trails

We had been planted for five nights on the north side of Clermont, Florida at the Clermont Golf and RV Resort.  What a nice park this was.  We could have stayed longer but it wasn’t in the schedule.  You could almost say Clermont is a 011aa_1suburb of Orlando.  However, I’m sure local residents might not like that but it is close and it is on the edge of Disney World.

On Tuesday we moved 20 miles south but were still in Clermont only south of it this time. We were ready to start one of our longest periods of staying still this winter as we had booked the Thousand Trails Orlando resort for three full weeks.  It felt like we were getting ready to homestead.  

Our site with the Hyders in the background on the right.  See them?


By 11:00 we had filled our propane tank and were settled in our new site.  We were putting down roots.  No more moving every few days for a while.  Now that felt real good.  Our awning came down, BBQ and tablecloths were even spread.  Best of all we really liked the park.  It’s one of Thousand Trails’ best parks for sure.  There are lots of amenities and nice spaces between the RVs. We just have to have a little time to take advantage of the pools, pickleball court and other fun things to do.   

011_8 011_6

There’s a lot to do and see in the area.  Activities surround us as all the businesses are hoping for a few of those greenbacks that snowbirds bring into the area.  

There are not-so-real gators, sharks and even big buses to entertain you and draw those wallets through the door.


Wednesday we took a drive to Disney Springs aka Downtown Disney.  There was a lot more to catch you there and no ticket to enter Disney World was required.  You could eat at one of the numerous restaurants or shop at any of the specialty stores.  Disney certainly has it all figured out and it's certainly not cheaper.  Well, it's much cheaper if you're a Florida resident.

One of the first things we noticed was this tethered hot air balloon.  You can take a ride in it for $18 per person.  We didn’t but some did.


You could also take a ride in a car across the lake.  We didn’t do that either but we watched.

011_17 011_18 011_12


Jerry got into the action and posed with Legos.

Next on our agenda is Epcot.  Now that we’re settled it’s time to visit Mickey Mouse at Disney World.  A little fog moved into the area overnight so we were hopeful the near 90 degree forecast would be changed but that's not the case at all.  It seems we'll have to find some shade to cool off during the day.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. That is a nice area of Florida we stay in Clermont for a couple weeks and toured around, visited so friends at that Thousand trail park too, , very nice place too.

  2. You will only experience cooler temperatures in the northern part of Florida when the extreme cold blows in from the northern states during the height of winter. Otherwise don't put the shorts and sandals away you will need them to keep cool.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. My good friend lives in Clermont but we didn't do the Disney thing while we were there. The park sounds really nice so enjoy. Keep the shovel handy to dig up those roots in three weeks.

  4. Oh how I like getting off the road for an extended stay. Looks like a beautiful park.

    I have never heard of Downtown Disney. Looks like a lot of fun. Enjoy the park!

  5. I always enjoy Downtown Disney in Anaheim, and figured Orlando must have one too. How nice to be "settled" for a few weeks, hope the temps cool off while you're there!!

  6. Replies
    1. You have to eat a T-Rex in Downtown Disney (if you dare). :c)

      At Shades of Green ticket office, you can get a Siemens VIP access pass to the Spaceship Earth attraction. With the pass, you can enter the VIP section in a door on the right side past the main entrance. You will be escorted into the attraction via a VIP door, bypasses the long line at the main entrance.

    2. "AT" T-Rex, not eat a T-Rex. Darn fat fingers...

  7. Nice to be settled for a few weeks...and such a great place to do it in! Love the photo of your sight!


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