Monday, November 2, 2015

Crystal River

I forgot about a picture I had taken when we were in Apalachicola and I wanted to post it.  It's a picture of a simple (very simple) gas pump.  

We discovered that sometimes even the bigger 029_3chain stores don’t always update their equipment in the small towns.  In this town there are still gas pumps at the local Piggly Wiggly grocery store that haven’t been updated in years. These pumps were before credit cards. How long has it been since you’ve since gas pumps that look like this?  -------------------------

We moved about 110 miles on Thursday to the Perry Elks after leaving Apalachicola.  There are 14 hookups at that Elks with 30a and 50a hookups.  A dump is on site and the per night donation requested is $15.  We only stayed one night and were back on the road the following morning.   Our travel on Friday was just under 100 miles as we headed towards Crystal River.  Our reservations were for six nights at a Passport-America park.  We certainly love the Passport-America rates.   Many RV parks stop offering those rates in Florida during the winter months because that’s high season. We've been lucky to find a few that do.


We made the park just in time for the Halloween weekend.  The park wasn’t crowded but there were quite a few special events going on.

Trick or treaters were out.  We had no treats.

031_8 031_2

Saturday we took a ride exploring with Jerry and Janice.   First, we headed to King’s Bay which was only about five miles down the road.  It’s a nice beach and many locals were enjoying it.  There’s also a marina and pier so there was lots to offer the weekend crowd. 

 People were fishing from the pier and we even saw dolphins in the bay.


Next, we headed towards Hunter Springs.  We were looking for the warm clear water that the springs were popular for.   The water temperature stays about 72 degrees at the springs.  With warm water and temperatures in the 80’s, people were taking advantage of the beautiful area.

From there it was down to the 3rd Street Pier.

It was at this pier we saw our first Manatee.  The Manatee was going under and around the pier so we got to watch him move quite a bit.  Manatees need the warm water to survive.  Many of them come inland to those springs just for the warmth during the winter months.  We hope to see many more.


That was it.    That was Saturday and we've been mighty busy.  

Sunday was another day and I made it count at Homosassa Springs and the wildlife at that park but that’s another blog.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Nice park. So did you get any tricks since there were no treats?

  2. Nice that you can get some discount rates for a while yet.

  3. Generally it's after the new year until summer that the rates go up. Being in the Crystal River area you should check out Captain Mike's where they can take you out to swim with the Manatee. It's and experience that we have done twice and hope to someday do again.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I don't remember before credit cards.

    Looks like a lovely park. them. I really didn't know they were as big as they are until we saw them at our site in the COE park. What a tail!

  5. We saw a couple pumps older than that in a few small Oregon towns - could even hear the numbers flipping over :-) Love the water pics, something we're missing back in SoCal for a month. Hope you get to see lots of Manatee!!

  6. Actually, I have been at an old Non-credit card gas pump today. Sometimes I go to that station, just to have a little chat with the person behind the counter. That is something which almost has disappeared from today's gas stations.

  7. We also love those old gas pumps. Most of the ones I've seen don't work any longer. Love manatees. So gentle.


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