Monday, November 23, 2015

Cruise to Nowhere

Tuesday was a different kind of day.  Mickey Mouse wasn’t part of the plan.  This time it was strictly an adult adventure.  We were going to take a cruise.  It’s not that we were going anywhere because we weren’t.  That’s why I called it the Cruise to Nowhere.

19_8It was actually Victory Casino Cruises.  What a deal they offer in order to get you to take a cruise with them.  The cost was $37.  That price included our transportation, a nice buffet lunch and a $20 slot machine credit.  Not bad, huh? Of course, it went downhill from there because I didn’t win a dime.  The water was really rough and folks had trouble walking.  We felt like drunk sailors even though we hadn’t had any alcohol.  It was a lot of fun though and especially loved sitting on the back deck while we enjoyed the free entertainment.  It was a great cruise and we’d definitely do it again. 

On our way back to port, we noticed an RV park.  What a view!  

It’s Jetty Park Campground right down the road from the cruise ship terminals in Cocoa Beach.


We finally found some pickle ball paddles.   Dick’s Sporting Goods had a good supply.  Why is it so hard to find paddles when almost every RV park has a pickle ball court?

We’ve participated in some first time games with shuffleboard and pickle ball.  I swear I burned up 4,000 calories playing singles pickle ball.   We still have to grab a ping pong paddle and give it a try along with a golf club for the miniature golf course here. Our goal is to do it all.


We also bought a screen room at Dick's.  At least it should make sitting outside possible without all the bug bites.   We strategically placed the screen room between our RV, the Hyders and the afternoon shade.  Now  happy hour times without the mosquitos and no see’ums are possible.

Thousand Trails had a membership meeting last weekend.  We seem to have missed most of them in the past and it’s always interesting to find out what their new programs are.  We made it a point to attend this one.  Usually the cost runs about $4,000 for whatever the upgrade is.   Even though they really do have some nice parks, we just don’t stay in them enough to justify paying in advance for things we might not use.

0020_11Our park hosted a “yard” sale event.  Obviously, we had to look for a treasure.  We found a Werner kayak paddle.  Actually, this paddle was already on our list of things we were going to buy but were hoping for a big sale.   The very lightweight Werner paddles normally sell anywhere from $250 to $400.  We picked 0020_1it up for $20 and were tickled pink about it. 


Cute simple necklaces Sabrina made and sent me.  Perfect for me.  

Joe and Sharon arrived from Seattle in Tampa on Saturday.   Then, on Sunday drove to Orlando to visit with us.  They are staying in a Getaway Cabin Jerry has reserved for his Tennessee friends who won’t arrive until Wednesday.  The timing was perfect.  Knowing that Joe makes his own wine, Janice and I had a gift waiting for them in the cabin. 

0020_4 0020_9

Once settled in the cabin it was off to Cracker Barrel for dinner.  There is no Cracker Barrel in Washington so this was on Sharon’s must-eat-at list.  Besides that, I love their nummy catfish.  Monday they’ll be visiting Epcot before they head back to Tampa on Tuesday to spend the holidays with family.  

The boys were entertained (below) by looking at a video of the fish that got away. 
0020_13 0020_12

A cold front hit the Orlando area overnight.  There certainly isn’t any complaining now about hot temperatures and high humidity.  After all, even the furnace is on but I’m it won’t be long before we turn the air conditioner back on.  turkey

This next week should be a busy one with Thanksgiving just around the corner.  Then, the following week we’re back to Disney World for one more day before we start heading farther south.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Always keeping busy and having fun there as usual the cold spell is a nice relief. Too bad about the bugs there, almost forgot about them out here in the desert.

  2. The cruise sounds like a lot of fun. I would enjoy that one. Sure hoping the screen room works. Those bugs can sure ruin a good time. Enjoy the cooler weather. At least you know it won't last for months.

  3. You sure stay and more fun! The cruise to nowhere sounds like lots of fun!

  4. Wow, they were paying you to go on that cruise. Cool! Definitely pulled on my heart strings seeing the picture of Joe and Terry hugging. We miss all of you.

    Linda Gettig is here in Yuma and we are planning on getting together. She is having knee surgery on the 6th.

  5. We've noticed that RV park when we sailed out of Port Canaveral a couple of times. Looked it up on line and was blown away by the price. Of course you get a great view of the ships heading in and out of port, so I guess it's location, location, location.

    Nice to know you're no longer up the creek without a paddle... ;c)

  6. We used to play pickle ball in Mission, but it is so windy that we gave it up. I don't ever remember burning 4,000 calories though. You must really move, move, move.

    Sounds like you have a super group of friends there. Yes, of course, I am jealous. Keep on enjoying the good life.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Glad you are having fun. Even if some fun is more fun than other fun. :)

  8. Well at least in one picture you got my GOOD side. :-) The wine was good, but the company was better.


  9. The cruise sounds like fun, even if you didn't win big :-) We've had the heater on for a couple mornings and by TG we think we might not need the AC in the afternoon - we're ready for some cooler weather again. Great deal on the paddle!!! That catfish looks wonderful.

  10. Being on the water is always fun for us. You sure are keeping busy:)


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