Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Traveling Along the Emerald Coast of Florida


Sunday rolled around and we swung by Corry Station at the Pensacola Naval base to pick up Sandi.  This would be the last day she’d be able to spend time with us before we were back on the road.  We started it by shopping a little for her.  She didn’t need or want much because she didn’t have room for it.  Keeping her belongings to a minimum is what she was striving to do.


After that it was picking up snacks for the day’s football games.  That’s what she wanted to do … cheer the Seahawks on.  However, by now we all know that the cheering didn’t help them one little bit.  The Seahawks needed much more than that.


Sandi is quite an artist and we were all amazed at some of her art work.

We also were entertained by Lillie’s antics.  She loves playing volleyball and we all got a “kick” out of watching her.

Every dog should have their own volleyball!

Even Roger and Lynn joined us for watching a little bit of the game but that was before Green Bay came on.


Tuesday was departure day for us.  It was also the day that one more repair job was necessary for our neighbors.  This time it wasn’t the “Beaver” having work done on it.  It was a window being replaced in the Jeep.

We had one little thing to do before we finally got on the road.  That was picking up our bargain 4-day park hopper tickets for Disney World.  We have reservations there next month and we wanted to be ready for Mickey.

After a few hugs with Roger and Lynn, we were on our way.  Thank goodness it wasn’t a long day --- only about 55 miles.  However, it was a very busy road for those 55 miles.  Don’t people work anymore?

Eventually, we turned in to our new location for the next few days.  We also took a little time to explore our new surroundings.  We started checking out the special sandy beach just for kids.  From there it was on to the cute water park but we weren't enticed enough to take a water bath from those buckets or waterfalls.

_1020_36 destin_7

The pool sure looked inviting but it was closed right then for maintenance  -- maybe tomorrow.


Our plans for the evening were to head out to “Gilligan’s Island” for dinner with Jerry and Janice but they had an errand to take care of for Jerry’s brother so we ended up going out on our own.  We found one little place that we loved the name of so figured that was a good place to stop. Wrong!


It was Hog’s Breath Saloon!  How about that for a name?   Well, the fried green tomatoes were amazing but nothing else on the brisket platter was worth eating.  So much for picking a restaurant by it’s name.


Later we walked over to watch the sunset as did a few other people.


We’re in Destin until Saturday and have no idea where we’re going to be able to stay over the weekend.  All the state parks are full and the Passport America rate is rarely honored in this location on a Saturday night.  We did find a couple spaces available at parks with rates above $70 a night.  Obviously we didn’t make a reservation at any of them …  obviously.  I doubt they put mints on your pillow or even make up your bed for that price and at $70 a night for an RV site, that's what we would expect.  However, I'm sure I'll have a different feeling about $70 a night when we get close to the Florida Keys in January!

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Glad you were able to spend so much time with Sandi. I am sure she is thrilled to have had you two around for so long.

    Good luck with the weekend plans. Florida is expensive by our terms. Hope we can meet up down the road some where.

  2. Sure sounds like you are having a great time. But if the eastern snowbirds are traveling down like these out west - finding an RV park is a nightmare. It's just been incredible traffic with all the RVs going down the road. I was happy to read it wasn't the Beaver that needed more work. They have had more than enough on that rig.

  3. Like Marsha said Florida is expensive and heading down to the Keys during prime season will add to your costs.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Fun times with Sandi nice to be able to do it.
    We really have a problem paying those prices for a campsite, another reason we don't do Florida.
    There is a couple CTC parks near Clermont FLa where we stayed a few years ago. And there was one ROD park in Fiesta Key where we stayed for a week free. Their regular rate was $120.00 a night ! No Longer a membership park.

    1. Oh, I'm jealous! Disney World! We love that place, especially Fort Wilderness. It's been a couple of years since we've been there. Hopefully we'll get there next year with some of the grandkids. We've been there so many times over the years they should rename Main Street for our name. ;c)

      Have to love those special military tickets. Disney sure is military friendly, and we appreciate it.

      Don't rule out Key West Navy Base CG, call ahead and see what the rotation from dry to FHUs is. It's the best kept secret out there.

  5. Great shots of Lillie and the ball! Glad Sandi got to spend some more time before you headed out. I hear those rates and think "never!", and then realize that if we want to see that part of the country it's what we'll be paying :-( Oh well, can't take it with us.

  6. We were told that some sites around Destin charge a 100 a night. 70 seems like bargain!

  7. I think RV parks all over the US are jacking their prices up since more people are taking advantage of lower fuel costs and there are less vacancies.


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