Saturday, October 17, 2015

It’s A Tough Life

Hanging around Pensacola means a few things.  One of the best is being able to spend a little time with Sandi.  Other fun things have been great including seafood, 1014a_12beach time and visiting with friends.

Scallops and Key Lime Pie

Peg Leg Pete’s is a geat seafood restaurant in Pensacola Beach.  We stopped at this restaurant the other night and had an amazing meal with great food, good service and even deveined shrimp.

Afterwards, we headed east along the Gulf Shores National Seashore roadway.  The beach was gorgeous, the sand like sugar and friends so fun to spend time with.



Some choose to fish when the temperatures cool down and the beaches are nearly deserted.


The folks at the Elks had been telling us they were expecting a full RV park for their Florida state dinner this weekend.  Roger and Lynn were able to sneak in before the expected crowds and were rewarded with a great 50 amp site.   However, we still haven’t seen enough folks pull in to fill the park.  It’ll be interesting to see if this park really does fill up. 

1016_10 1016_23
The boys entertained themselves changing out batteries on Roger’s rig and also on Jerry’s.

We weren’t through with the beach though.  Having missed a great evening sunset on Wednesday when we headed east, we decided to try it again on Friday by heading west.  This time there were six of us with a few ice chests, snacks, drinks and chairs.  Sometimes it’s fun just doing nothing and watching nature happen around us.  That’s what we did …. nothing.

Getting ready for the sunset

Yep, it’s a tough life but someone’s got to live it.

Gorgeous ! A Florida sunset.

Eventually, Saturday rolled back around and it was another Sandi day.  We knew this would be a short one because she had a party she was looking forward to Saturday evening.  The good thing was we still got to spend a ____1017_2little time with her.  Pickup was arranged at the same place and same time as before.  It was after that when we needed to decide what we were going to do.  We opted for French toast at the motorhome, Historic Pensacola for a tour and then, an Irish pub for a late lunch.  That was the plan.  

Sandi had a little time to play volleyball with Lillie

We arrived at the Pensacola Village and Historical District a little early.  Our first stop was at the T. T. Wentworth Museum at the edge of the historical district.  It’s actually quite a museum.  History of the area is displayed in different wings of the museum as well as, information on Pensacola’s role with Andrew Jackson and the civil war. It was a very interesting museum and we did enjoy it.


__1017_18 __1017_23

We also ended up walking around the town a bit and discovered four Airstream trailers set up to serve lunch at the Fresco area.

P1040478__1017_15 P1040477__1017_14


One more thing we discovered was a good sized Saturday market.  We just had to check that out too.

Pensacola has a lot of Pelicans around.  We found five of them but I’m sure there are a lot more if we’d only had time to find them.


That was just about it with Sandi for the day.  Well, we did stop at a pub for lunch and then took her a little shopping.  She had a party at the base in the evening so we had her back early. 

elks_1Saturday night was the Florida State President’s dinner at the Elks.  I think we had our wires crossed a tad.  The rumor was they would be serving prime rib for dinner before the band.  That sounded good to us.  However, it was a carnival dress-up event and the prime rib turned into chicken.    

The RV park never did fill up.  It was all that worrying over nothing.

Tomorrow’s another day

‘Tis life on the road


  1. Hey, where's the Coast Guard Pelican picture? How could you miss that one! :c)

    1. It's by the court house but we didn't go that way.

  2. Glad y'all have had such a wonderful visit with Sandi.

    WOW...we didn't know you were going to have such a big group. We need to be there.

  3. Sure do love that area, you are having a great time.

  4. I will be honest. The pictures are amazing but I am not a beach person. and... I am so jealous about your company. Hug them all for me.

  5. Just arrived back home, but I agree with Paul-need a picture of the USCG Pelican:) How long are you in the area?

  6. Oh wow! The beach looks wonderful. Here I am still in Ontario for another winter before we are able to break the chains of employment. My turn is coming and I can't wait to experience a beach in November and beyond!

  7. Fabulous pics of the beach - and all to yourselves it seems! Love the pelicans, so cute. Family, friends and fabulous sites, it really is a tough life to live :-) Perhaps they define "full" and "prime rib" differently in Florida......


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