Monday, October 26, 2015

Friends and Fun at Santa Rosa Beach


In the blog I wrote on Friday I mentioned we were at the Fishing Rodeo Tournament in Destin.  We thought it a fun place to see the crowds and enjoyed watching all the people.  Compared to our return visit on Saturday night Friday wasn’t that busy.  The really big crowds waited until Saturday night to show up.  Or, maybe it was just because we were a little earlier on Friday than Saturday.


People want to be there when the boats come in and the fish get weighed.  This time we looked at the board to see what the previous catches had weighed.  There were some mighty big fish on that board.  There were several sharks with the largest one being 217 pounds.  There were also several yellow fin tuna on the board with some weighing close to 150 pounds.


We sat on a bleacher and within minutes were best friends with our neighbors … well, almost.  They were visiting from Tennessee and had  reserved an overnight charter to go fishing on Sunday.   Cost for him and his wife for the over-night charter ….. $2600 EACH.  (We did hear later that most of the charters were cancelled due to extremely rough waters and stormy conditions.)

While we were there this fish was brought in.  Notice the back half is missing.  As they brought the fish up to the boat, a shark decided it was dinner time and bit off the back half of the fish!!

Saturday morning we moved about 20 miles south to the Santa Rosa Beach area.  Just as we finished setting up our friends, Paul and Marsha, showed up.  Shortly after that Jerry and Janice pulled in.  We had planned our arrival and knew the next couple of days would be busy and a lot of fun.

We were really pleased with the park.  We had full hookups and the park had a Halloween festival going on. 

  ----------    Anyone know these strange people?

What about these strange people?  ---------


We had thought at first we’d do a trail ride.  However, that was before Marsha and Janice discovered lots of mosquitoes on one of the trails.  Instead we enjoyed the festivities at the park just like the rest of the kids … until happy hour time.  Then, we left the kids behind.

_25_34 _25_33

It was Halloween time and all the kids showed up to have a little bit of fun.  Hayrides and horse rides were provided.

_25_22 _25_27 _25_32

The weather was nice and everyone had a great time I am sure.  However, the weather wasn’t to stay that way.  A storm was forecast for Florida and we expected it to start hitting our area on Monday.  So, instead of planning our departure, we made plans to hang around a little longer.



This was from Marsha’s blog    ----------------

Happy hour was definitely Happy.  


There's lots more but for now that's it.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. looks like everyone had some good fun there...

  2. I think it's just wonderful that you guys were all able to get together. Fun to see that picture of all of you.

  3. We did have a great time the first two days. Today not so much. Oh well, it was great why it lasted.

    Wish we could have seen some of those big fish come in. Looks so cool.

  4. Lots of fun times! Love the last picture of all of you!

  5. Not that sounds like you sure had a great time and then the party. 26 hundred dollars to go fishing? Hmmm not for us thats for sure.

  6. Happy for you guys! We are alone for a while and really enjoying it.

  7. I recognize all six of those strange people. Glad you are having fun together. Hope you don't float away in the coming storm.

  8. That last picture of the six of you, you're wearing some scary costumes... :cO


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