Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Florida–Wind, Rain and Seaside

Sunday evening we took off with the Weavers and the Hyders and headed down to the little village of Santa Rosa Beach.  Our destination was the Goatfeathers Market and Seafood restaurant.  Now what kind of a name is that?  Well, it was very interesting to us.  We had amazing service and great food.  We didn’t eat goat or feathers either.   What more can one say after that?


Afterwards Jerry took us on one of his little adventures.  When we head out with Jerry we never know what we're going to explore and that makes it a lot of fun.  This time we headed towards the little sea villages of  Watercolor and Seaside.  These were beautiful places to visit.

In Pensacola we had stumbled across some airstream trailers set up in a food court.  We found a similar setup in this village.  They all served different food items.  What a fun place this would be if we weren’t already stuff with food from the restaurant.  

Here are four of the trailers.  I believe there were  about eight of them together.

_025_2 _025_4
_025_3 _025_7

This was the entry to the beach.   Waves were starting to form.  The beach was unlike it had been just a day earlier when it was calm with little to no wind.

   Check out the entrance way.


Walking on the Seaside beach is just something you have to do.



Then, I “borrowed” this picture from Marsha’s blog.  I was begging someone else to walk on the beach with me.  Well, she did …. finally.

Here’s Marsha getting photos for her blog.
_025_14 _0025_1


I also “borrowed” this from Marsha’s blog.  She was asking who these strangers were.   -----------------------

That’s what kind of a day Sunday was.  Monday rolled around and we watched the weather forecast.  The winds and rain came in much later than originally expected.  We had extended our stay in order not to be on the road during nasty weather.  However, the “nasty” weather didn’t really arrive until afternoon.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a day to do next to nothing.  That’s what we did mostly.  That is until the winds really started blowing.  Then I figured it was time to check on those waves one more time.  The red flag was out.  The beach at Santa Rosa was pretty much deserted as the rain fell and wind blew.


It was beautiful down at the beach watching the thrashing waves.  Many people stopped to take a few pictures but stayed dry under the walkway cover.  Of course, I had to walk on the beach and was soaked by the time I returned. 

26_1 26_2

It might have been wet and windy but it was sure pretty.  With the pounding surf I used it as excuse to walk the beach and get soaked in the pouring rain.

Tuesday rolled around.  It was moving day.  Marsha and Paul went west.  We went east along with the Jerry and Janice.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. What a wonderful three days we had. Thanks again for setting up the campground. It was perfect!

    I forgot about you taking my photo. Glad it is from far away...lol

  2. Love the beaches when the weather is warm, sunny and no wind, not so much otherwise.
    We did enjoy the beaches there in Destin a couple times and was pretty decent , glad you enjoyed it with friends.

  3. We have been to Seaside a number of times but have never eaten from the trailers. It is a nice town to walk around:)

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous.

    Love the one of Marsha at the water's edge.

  5. I love the way that sugar sand squeaks under your feet when you walk on it.

    I didn't know that goats have feathers, but then I didn't know that pigs fly, either... ;c)

  6. I used to enjoy walking in the rain. I would say it was time to do it again but today's rain is cold--could turn to s**w during the night tonight--so I think I'll stay inside.


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