Friday, October 23, 2015

Fishing Rodeo at Destin

We had originally scheduled reservations in the center of Destin only for four nights.  However, we discovered that’s22oct_43 really not long enough.  We tried to get our stay extended but no luck.  The problem in making last minute accommodations in a very touristy area over a Saturday night, is that everyone else is trying to do the same thing.   However, we continued to hold our breath and hope that someone would cancel and we’d be able to extend where we were without moving.  That didn’t happen.

In the meantime, we kept ourselves busy enough doing a few other things.  To begin with our mail finally arrived.  We originally had it sent to Pensacola general delivery.  It was received in Pensacola and within the same hour returned to sender according to the tracking information online.  Thank goodness for tracking packages!   Needless to say, we were not happy campers.  

The mail was returned and then resent to us.  This time it was sent to Destin.  Mail day always means sorting, tossing and organizing.  However, there was a little surprise in that bulk of mail.  It was a speeding ticket from Hertz!

In August I rented two cars back to back from Hertz.  One was in Chicago and one was in Nashville.  Hertz sent me a bill to reimburse them for a $230 speeding ticket they had paid on my behalf!!  A speeding ticket!  My first thought was just to pay it and not deal with the problem.  The rental agreement number did not agree with my rental agreement numbers but all the information was my information and the ticket was given at 3:29 AM in Washington DC!!  I was never in DC.  I disputed it but now we’ll wait and see what happens next while they research the issue.

Other than the mail, we’ve enjoyed being in Destin.  It really is a beachie tourist town and for us there’s a lot to see and do.  


There were lighthouses and shops.  There were even Landsharks

Plus we  found Harry!


Currently the annual Destin Fishing Rodeo Tournament is going on.  It lasts all month.  Over 30,000 fishermen normally compete for the prizes.  The prizes given away total over $100,000. Nope ... we didn't compete.

Here you see people sitting in the bleachers waiting for the big fish to come in.  What fun for sure!

22oct_39 22oct_34

The Harbor Walk is lined up with boats waiting to take tourists for a ride.  They offer snorkeling, charter fishing,  glass bottom boat rides, sunset cruises or dolphin sighting.  If folks want to do their own thing, they can even rent a pontoon boat or jet ski.   It truly is a vacation destination. 22oct_30 The prices and all the people here prove it.  Plus, there are numerous shops and malls that cater to just about every pocket book.

We visited a Callahan’s restaurant with Jerry and Janice.  It’s an amazing restaurant.  The prices were surprisingly low for Destin.  In addition, service was outstanding, food delicious and the quantity absolutely huge!  

Check out these lunch plates.

22oct_19 22oct_18

After a little stressing, phone calling and emailing we did come up with a place to stay over Saturday and Sunday night.  We quickly made the reservations and passed on the information to the Hyders and the Weavers.  Now we’re looking forward to a great weekend.  The type of park is definitely unique for us as we’ve never stayed at a trail riding campground so we’re just a little excited about the new adventure.  Now how much fun can that be?  Well, you know we’ll certainly clue you in.  Heck, we may even join the cowboys and girls for a trail ride.  (Marsha said she would NOT)

Another sunset from our campground.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Those people waiting for the big fish to come in look totally bored.

  2. That speeding ticket is interesting. I guess Hertz is in the same league as the Post Office for mixing things up. Good thing you disputed the charge, that's quite a bit of change for that ticket. :cO

    Have fun at that horse park, can you rent horses for a ride? Maybe you shouldn't go for a ride or you'll be pulling a trailer with a couple of horses behind the MH in no time... ;c)

  3. Hey, i would not pay other people's speeding ticket. Somebody drove waay too fast for qualifying for a 230 Buck ticket!! Somebody messed up the paperwork big time.

  4. Golly! I remember Destin as a little nothing much place where motel rooms smelled damp. Of course that was back in 1967. Many things have changed a bit since then.

  5. I LOVE the Harbor walk in Destin!

  6. We are going to do the drive up to Destin, probably tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up on the Harbor Walk.

    Looking forward to see y'all tomorrow.

  7. Destin is a great place as long as you can handle the crowds

  8. Good thing you checked the details on the ticket! Have never heard of Destin, sounds like a fun and busy place - it certainly has lovely sunsets :-) Plan B with the cowboys might be a lot of fun - we sure enjoyed our stay at the little ranch.


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