Thursday, October 29, 2015

Apalachicola and Moving Down the Road

27_1We didn’t decide where to head when we left Santa Rosa Beach until late Monday night.  Now the trick was to call the next morning to see if there was availability anywhere east.  We hoped to be Apalachicola bound.  Don’t you just love that name? I have to pronounce it slow to be able to get it out of the lips right.

Apalachicola eventually appeared about 100 miles later.  What a gorgeous Passport America park this turned out to be.    When we first pulled in we had a beautiful view. 

View from our window before “friends” arrive


The rains were still coming and the wind still blasting but we were settled and we were happy.  We had a gorgeous view. 

Well, we had that view until our friends,  the Hyders, showed up and pulled right in front of us.  They blocked our view!

Since we had moved from central time into eastern time zone, it was too late for a nap but we did take a little drive.  We found boats half way under.  Was this just a boat bone yard or was this the result of the storm we had just experienced?  We had no clue and only a guess.

27_6 27_5



We took a walk to the pier and thought what a gorgeous place for Happy Hour.   There were benches and we couldn’t have come up with a better place.

Later, that's what we did.

27_13 27_12


Of course, we had to explore everything at this gorgeous 5-star park.  There were lots of amenities.  If we were going to be here for a while, we'd be taking advantage of some of them.  It's definitely a park we'll think of when the time comes to return in the spring.   


That was Tuesday.  Wednesday meant a trip into the big city of Apalachicola.  Well, it’s not that big but the name is and the name reminded us of Coca Cola.  We discovered this display so we guessed it reminded others of that too. 

We had driven through most of the historical area and walked the streets in town within a couple of hours.


After sharing a pizza we decided to head on over to  St. George’s Island. 

We wanted to see if any beautiful shells had washed ashore during the recent storms.  The question of shells was quickly answered just as soon as we started walking on the beach.  The answer was a big NO.

However, that didn’t mean the beaches still weren’t beautiful.  They were.  We figured this would probably be the last of the beachie pictures.  After all, Thursday morning we would be on the road again and this time it would be inland a little.


Moving away from the big tourist towns makes it easier to find a place too stay.  There's not as much reason to be too concerned about making reservations at this time of 028_1year.   That will change soon as November is almost here and we know  more snowbirds will start heading south then.

On Thursday we were back on the road. It was a short 96 mile drive to the Elks Lodge in Perry.  

There were quite a few good things about stopping.  To begin with the price was $15 per night.  The Elks at this location also has a full service menu available for dinner from Wednesday through Saturday nights.  Now that was another big bonus.

That's it and tomorrow we move again.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Apalachicola is one of our favorite places along 98. We always stop for a few hours just to wander the streets:)

  2. What a fun time. Happy hour on the pier is perfect.

  3. I bet you could have gotten a great deal on those boats. And the bonus is they are already sunk so you wouldn't have to worry about sinking... ;c)

  4. Now that looks like a good pizza. Great spots you have found. But the neighbours!

  5. Keep pronouncing it over and over in my head, like those long names in novels......I'm sure it has a great history. Love the foamy beach pic, and it certainly is shell-free! Sad to see the boats - someone's dreams on hold. Safe travels east.

  6. Oh I love Apalachicola! We used to drive the Harley (back in the day!) there from PCB or Destin.

  7. WOW...that park in Apalachicola is outstanding and PPA...double bonus. That pizza looks HUGE.

    We have seen the airplane boneyard but never a boat

  8. Looks like those waves were big enough to wash away any shells.

    I love RV parking where you don't even have to leave the park to go out for dinner. Looks like joining the Elks is good in more than one way.


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