Friday, October 9, 2015

A Little Sand Between the Toes

It was time to stop the projects we were working on and do a little exploring.  There are so many places we have yet to visit and would like to see while in this area.  Friday we took the drive to Perdido Key.  We had a great pizza at Lillian’s Pizza.  It was only after that we discovered numerous beachie places to eat.  Oh well, we knew we couldn’t eat at them all and the pizza was good.   We visited quite a few beaches and discovered several interesting places to park an RV.  The one we liked best we nixed pretty fast when we discovered the nightly rate at $89 per night plus tax. 
Beaches on Perdido Key have  talcum power soft white sand
1009_a57 1009_a52
Great seating with beachfront views are available at Pelican Sam's Roost on the Pier at Gulf State Park in Alabama.

We wondered if this was Pelican Sam.
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There are no shortages of places to stay.  We didn’t inquire the price in these.

There are numerous walkways to Florida public beaches and also to Gulf State Park entrances in Alabama.
Some beaches are more crowded than others.  Of course, I would think most would be packed on a nice weekend day.


Showers and bathrooms available at most locations


Want to enjoy a little fishing?
Or, just take a nice long stroll.
Just across the road at Lake Shelby are a few other activities to enjoy.

What about a zip line?
Or, kayaking?
Doesn’t this sign in front of the public swimming area make you want to jump in?
I looked for alligators but didn’t find any.  How can you feed them or aggravate them if you can’t see them?
Even this local kayaker said he had never seen an alligator here.  Of course, he’s also happy he hasn’t.
Oh, yes, I definitely got plenty of sand between my toes.  It was a great day.  Now I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. The sand looks so inviting. To us...the beaches on the Gulf are much nicer than the beaches on the Atlantic. We still haven't seen our first pelican. That one is HUGE!

  2. Lovely area e have toured but to expensive for us we will stick to the southwest.
    Enjoy your time there.

  3. 89 a night, what no good sam discount?? Maybe just a couple of nights so you could say you've done it... You know,, put pictures on the blog to make us that are still back home nervous that we haven't left yet...

  4. Sand between the toes sounds wonderful - especially that soft white sand. So many places to explore you should have some really fun blog posts. Looking forward to them.

  5. We enjoyed the Gulf sand and water at Destin where we stayed at the Army campground and used the Air Force's private beach. A real slice o heaven, for sure! Still have some of that sand in the Journey. :c)


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