Thursday, September 17, 2015

Secured and heading out

0916_02One good thing about morning work traffic in Pensacola is that it’s not nearly as bad as other cities we’ve been in.  Matter of fact, had we not known the hour, we wouldn’t have recognized it as work traffic.  Tuesday morning that was a good thing.  We were up early because it was a travel day.  It was also Terry’s birthday.  The way he spent the day is not the way people normally hope to spend their birthday.  However, most times we have no choice.


First order of the day was moving the motorhome to a new location.  It was only about 4 miles to the storage lot.   I must admit we’re getting a little tired of cleaning out our refrigerator every couple of weeks when we move into one storage area after another. 

Next, we were on the way to pick up our newly painted canopy.  It had just been finished and we were sure curious to check it out.  It had to look better than it did when we bought at.  At least we figured it would be a closer match.  Thank goodness it was!!  The paint was Terry’s birthday present …. at least that’s what I told him.  In no time at all, the canopy was back on the truck and secured.

All that we had left to do in Pensacola was drive back to the storage lot, park the truck and get a taxi to the airport.  Even that worked out like a charm. 

0916_04Sometimes flying across country can be a pain.  Other times it just seems to take forever.  At least that was the case this time.  We ended up taking an unplanned detour to Seattle and our luggage took a trip all on its own.  Normally we don’t check baggage but occasionally we have to transport our “junk” from one place to another.  In the end we were happy we didn’t end up sleeping at the airport.  That was a good thing.

In a few more weeks we’ll be doing this in reverse.  We’ll be closing down for the winter and joining the thousands of other snowbirds who try to escape the cooler weather of the north by heading south. 

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Maybe you left the Unclaimed Baggage store too early. You could have found your next lost bags there... :cD

    The cap looks great, a good match of the color. Now the Florida sun can bake the paint so it will last forever!

  2. The Canopy looks wonderful.
    Flying all over the country is not for us, only when we have too.
    Suzie worked in travel for a few years before me and got her fill of it then.
    Soon you be back to your coach and heading to Florida, gonna miss you in the southwest probably if we can make it.


    The canopy is so pretty. Hope we see it in person.

  4. Happy belated birthday, Terry. Your birthday present looks great. Enjoy the family!

  5. The shell looks like a great match, and a sweet birthday gift :-) At least you have a clean refrigerator all the time! Hope your baggage caught up with you. Enjoy your time back at the cabin.

  6. I just read where American Airlines had a "connectivity problem". So be glad you got to your destination even if your checked bags didn't. :)


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