Friday, September 11, 2015

Pensacola 911 Color Guards

Friday - 911
I’m sure we all remember where we were when the planes struck the tower on 911.  Every year many memorial services are held around the country to remind us of the terror on that day.  How can we ever forget?

This morning we attended one of those memorial services.  It was held at Corry Station, Pensacola.  Our granddaughter was part of the Color Guard.    It was definitely an awesome event to attend.   More about this on my next blog. (Sandi in her dress whites on the right of the flag)


Tuesday - -  Going backwards
_fl_031Just as planned, we pulled out of Crossville, Tennessee Tuesday morning.  Our route south wasn’t on the freeway.  It was on one of the back roads away from the traffic and away from the big cities.  However, with those back roads also come school zones and slow travel especially in September.  However, we seemed to make quite a day of it and enjoyed the views and Tennessee country side.  It is truly a beautiful state. 

Our first real destination of the day was Scottsboro, Alabama and the ever so popular Unclaimed Baggage Store.  I still had a suitcase roving around in the air someplace.  Perhaps, I thought I might find it there …. but, no such luck.  What we did see was lots of other suitcases, clothes, electronics and good jewelry.  We only walked out with one fairly new looking suitcase though and didn’t really think a lot of the “stuff” was too much of a bargain.  

Now let me ask this … who in the world puts jewelry valued at nearly $4,000 in a checked suitcase?  Who puts cameras and computers in suitcases  and expect to have it all at the other end even if their luggage doesn’t get lost?  We couldn’t figure a lot of that out.  We didn’t stay too long as we had another destination that was just a tad more out of the way.

_fl_09 _fl_06

Next stop – Huntsville.  We were off to find a step-side canopy for our truck.  We had almost ordered one a few months ago but discovered that it wouldn't be ready for delivery until we had left the area we were in.  However, here was another one and we were off to see it.  The price was hundreds of dollars less than the one we almost ordered. Once loaded we were continuing our journey for the day towards Birmingham and then on to Montgomery. 

 Our original plan was to spend the night just south of Birmingham but that was before the Unclaimed Baggage store and before Huntsville.    Now we were ahead of the plan and about 326 miles later we spent the night at Wal-Mart on the outskirts of Montgomery.

Wednesday ---
Before noon the next day  we were pulling into the Elks in Pensacola.  What a great place to stay and we were the only guests!  Blue Angel pilots were circling and welcoming us to their fine city.  

The afternoon was spent looking for  a hardware store and making an appointment with Maaco for a paint job on the canopy.  Things were definitely coming together.

Thursday - -
Thursday was better yet.  We went to Corry Station at the Pensacola Naval Base and who did we see ????  It was none other than granddaughter, Sandi!  She and about 8 fellas were walking down the main “drag”.  We picked her out in an instance.  A few minutes later there she was walking into the NEX where we were sitting and waiting for her.  What a special moment this was!  However, it wasn’t to last long as she had just gotten off duty, still had general training and then colors for the evening.  Whee …..

To be continued …. time for a nap.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. You really are getting around and things are coming together nicely!

  2. I have always wanted to stop at the Unclaimed Baggage Store. We just have not ever been close enough. And...some people are just nuts to pack those valuable items.

    I have never heard of a step-side canopy...what is it.

    How cool to be able to spend time with Sandi. A great treat for you all!

  3. I recently packed a laptop in checked baggage. I wasn't thinking about the risk. I only thought it wouldn't fit in my carryon and I couldn't change which bag to carry on because that one had a non-removable shoulder strap. I'm relieved that my laptop came through just fine even though that bag had been opened. Coming back I mailed a box of stuff so I could pack better.

  4. What an honor for Sandi. I'll be you were glad to see it.

  5. I don't even want to think of all the valuables I've put in luggage over the years. Haven't ever lost a checked bag, but I've left my share of carry-on items on the plane that I never recovered.......guess I have to trust the handlers more than myself :-))))) Nice to find a spot all to yourself at the Elks!

  6. I bet Sandi was thrilled to see you! How nice of you to "track" her down. :cD
    The new cap on the truck looks great, super find. Sorry you didn't find your suitcase, it's probably now owned by some third world dictator as a prized possession...


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