Thursday, September 3, 2015

New roommates and Meeting up with RV friends

We had left our RV and vehicle with friends in Tennessee while we were in Washington State.   They have a beautiful spot on the river.  We certainly enjoy it and enjoy them.   When we left five long phewweeks ago, we backed our motorhome in a very unlevel spot to make sure it wasn’t in their way coming and going.  What’d we do with our food?  Well, what little we had left was stored in their refrigerator.  A few weeks later they took off for Texas.  When they returned, they discovered that one of their circuit breakers had gone out and figured it had probably been out for a least 7 days.  Oh, oh … take a guess what happened to the food in their refrigerator.   All I’ve got to say about this is that I’m really glad everything was in their refrigerator and not ours.  They had the mess to clean up and the odor to deal with.  Thank goodness it was all done before we arrived Sunday night.

We opted not to bother leveling our RV.  It was too late, too dark and we were too tired.  We’ve been told that now we’re officially a Tennessee hillbilly since we sl_TN_02ept on an angle.  Ever done that?  We only opened our bedroom slide but if we had it to do again, we’d definitely keep it closed too.  We kept sliding down the bed.  Had we left the slide in our feet probably would have been stopped at the closet!  We learned to hold on as walked from one end of the coach to the other.  This goes to show you that you really can teach an old dog new tricks.

We also discovered we had a few roommates.  At one time birds attempted to make a nest or two.  However, pulling out the slide, eliminated the remains of those nests.  At least one very healthy mouse made himself at home.  Terry saw the critter and said he was very well fed.  Now we just need to figure out how to evict him and any remaining family members.  We also had  a few very tiny ants move in.  Now, that’s another little problem in itself we’ll have to deal with.

Other than leveling the RV, eating at Hole 19 for breakfast, I can’t remember another thing we did on Monday other than rest up until it was time to go to the local county fair.   Evidently Phil Dirt and the Dozers Band is a pretty mexgrouppopular band around here.  They were playing that evening at the fair.  The grandstand was packed with folks mostly over 50, if that tells you anything.  However, they were very good.  We had a few laughs and enjoyed their music.  I took quite a few pictures but …… where are they?  I have no idea.

Tuesday was another great day.  We had plans to meet about in the middle between where we are and where other RVing friends were staying.  ItTN_02 was for a Mexican lunch which lasted about two hours.  It’s always great meeting up with friends and especially with this group of friends.  Talk was fast and almost all about travel. 

Eat your heart out fellow Seahawk Fans.  Look what Jeff and Tina brought me!  A Seahawks backpack!  I love it and thank you, thank you.  We know we’ll be seeing this bunch down the road before too long as we’re all heading to Florida for the winter.

Roger and Lynn have had so, so much bad luck that we stacked our hands on top of theirs trying to pass along a little good luck to erase that bad _TN_05luck.  The only thing we hoped was that it wouldn’t happen in reverse and we’d get their bad luck.  Well, from what we heard, it didn’t work at all.  The next morning they woke up to  water all over the carpet and the bins.  Oh oh … a continuing saga and not a good one.

We passed a Pilot gas station the other day and was surprised to see unleaded down to $1.91.  Of course, when we decided to fill up our vehicle there was no Pilot around but we still lucked out.  We paid $1.97 for unleaded.  Diesel was $2.09. 

Our original plans had us on the road to Florida by now.  However, we didn’t expect Jerry and Janice to be back yet and forgot all about Labor Day weekend being just around the corner.  Thus, it looks like we'll be waiting until after the holiday to get back on the road.  First, I need to get busy and figure how we’re going and where we’re going to anchor for a while.

That’s it for now.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. I hope you get rid of your uninvited guests. We're heading to Goshen and I'm worried about the stink bugs.

  2. Good luck with the eviction notices, some the tenants just won't leave.

  3. Oh dear....when we had our other house and went on vacation one summer, our electric went out for a couple of days. When my dad went over to check on the house, he had a mess. Dad was a trooper. He threw everything out and cleaned up the mess. What a good dad we have!

    Been reading about Roger and Lynn's bad luck. Hope the transfer of positive energy does the job. Since I can't be there to touch them, I will just use the good old-fashion way...prayers!

  4. right! Your friends have certainly had their hands full with yucky messes.
    Hope the mice vacate the premises soon...we had them once & they drove the pups crazy!

  5. Wow you guys are always full of great adventures!

  6. I feel so bad for Roger and Lyn - that rig has been a nightmare for them. It just never ends. I really hate your new roommates. Sure hope you convince them to move on. I'm also not surprised that you can't remember what you did - you should be exhausted. Have fun planning.

  7. I slept on many angles during my Coast Guard career, and the angles kept changing every time the cutter rolled. ;c)

    How many trees did you have to cut down to get all those boards to level your RV? :cO

  8. wow, Roger just can't catch a break.
    I can only imagine the smell of the fridge, and like you, I'm glad it wasn't yours!

  9. PS, if you were closer, I'd send Dozer over! He LOVES eating mice. Okay, mostly he just plays with them, but they do hightail it out of the rig when he's around. He has scared off 3 so far.

  10. Now that you are qualified to sleep at an angle, you can go sailing!

  11. Glad you dodged the bullet on the frig, but mice and ants are still not a great package to return to :-( Nice backpack! I couldn't think of anything I really needed at the stadium pro shop, but now wish I had seen those. I forgot about Labor Day too, but we lucked out (twice as it turns out) and got a good spot by a lake.


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