Sunday, September 13, 2015

Naval Air Museum, Lighthouse and Pensacola Beach

Here it is a continuation of my previous post but that was only because we had attended the color guard 911_05apresentation on base for their 911 Memorial.  In order to go we were out of bed early and in the long base entrance line by 7:00 AM.  The ceremony was to start at 8:00 AM and we had no idea how long it would take us to get through the gate and find a parking spot.  By 7:30 we were planted across the street from the ceremony and just waiting for the appearance of the Color Guard and, of course, Sandi.

She was on duty the rest of the day but there were things we wanted to check off our “must-do” list.  First, we headed to the shop to make an appointment to get our new-to-us canopy painted.  That was not as we hoped but were able to get one for Monday -- later than we really wanted.


 Next stop, the RV storage lot to pay the fee and check it out.  We discovered they also specialize in air conditioning.  Since the air conditioning in the RV hasn’t been as cold as we’d like, we scheduled that for repair too. By the time we return to this area in October, the AC should work perfectly.

Not far from the storage lot was the National Naval Aviation Museum.  We were blown away about this museum.  We both love aviation museums.  This one takes these museums to a whole new level.  Blue Angel planes hang from the ceiling.  Many other airplanes make up the massive collection on display.  Imax theaters inside also offer 911_022several different showings.  This is definitely another one of those not to be missed attractions.

We also discovered that the Blue Angels will have a couple practice full performances while we're here in October.  Now we need to find the perfect place to be for the perfect view of it.

911_018Another stop was at the Pensacola Lighthouse.  We walked around the grounds but will probably make a better visit when we return next month.

Then, the rain came.  It rained and rained.  What’d we do?  We headed back to the RV and took a nap until about 4:00. After that we met Sandi back at the off-base NEX.   However, for now she’s confined to base and the NEX.   School will start soon and she’s looking forward that.  We thought it funny that she described most of the students on this base as  “smart geeks” …. of course, it’s that type of school!


A Sonny’s BBQ was right down the road.  We decided to try it out and stopped for Friday night dinner.  It was so good that we ended up getting two sampler to-go boxes with BBQ brisket, chicken and ribs for her Saturday lunch.    Nummy.


Yes, I can eat BBQ several days in a row and anyone we know showing up here next month will definitely be dragged to Sonny’s.


The next day it was a French dip sandwich from Arby’s for Sandi.

Sunday morning Terry and I decided to take a little drive to Pensacola Beach.  About 15 minutes later we discovered an Elks Lodge sitting right at a marina there.  What a great view and they were serving breakfast.  Refusing a temptation like this is something we are not good at.  So, breakfast it was.

913_01 913_02

Then, after that it was off to check out the beach and the talcum powder white sand.  We reserved a few of these seats for future use.


Next, we just happened to drive by Joe Patti, the ever so popular seafood market on the bay.  Places like this are like Heaven to me with salmon, crab, clams, shrimp and lobster!  My mouth is already watering for all the seafood I’m going to get when we return next month.

913_06 913_011 913_09

Well, that’s just about it for this trip.  Monday we start trying to figure out everything else. 
  • When will we be able to pick up the newly painted canopy?  Will it be Monday, Tuesday or a month from now?  When will we be able to park the motorhome and truck in storage?  What mode of transportation will we find to and from the airport?  Then, how in the world are we going to get back to Washington? It could be a struggle as flights don’t look so good.
‘Tis life on the road.


  1. We went to that Naval Air Museum last winter. Missed the Blue Angels, they were still west but the museum was one of the best.

  2. Loved the National Naval Aviation Museum! Pensacola Lighthouse...on our list for October.

    Elks Lodge...October...we there or be square...hehe

    Our friends told us NOT to miss Joe Patti's. There is a table there with out name on it.

  3. We never spent any time in Pensacola so missed all these fun things.

  4. The Naval Aor Museum is amazing we have been there 2 times and spent almost a whole day each time.

  5. We had a docent that really knew his stuff. He actually had flown a few of the planes. Really made for a great experience.

  6. How fun to be sharing all this fun and food with Sandi! Sounds like you have lots going on as usual - but there's all that seafood waiting for you back there in October!!!

  7. The Naval Aviation Museum is one of my favorites, only topped by the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio, but not by much. I could spend days visiting it, especially all the Coast Guard aircraft on display in it. ;c)

    Wonderful you were able to spend time with Sandi, I'm sure she enjoyed the off base food.

  8. As long as Sandi is happy.

    You know, I actually ate salmon the other night and enjoyed it. I must find out exactly how it was cooked. It was very mild.

    Miss you guys and hope we can find a way into your plans. (We will be in Burlington for a couple of days first of October)

  9. We lived in Pensacola for many years. Always took out of town guests to the Naval Aviation Museum. One of the best free museums we've ever seen. Enjoy the Blue Angels in October!

  10. Joe Patti;s is one of our favorite places! Wish we would have been home when you were in the area.


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