Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It’s Fall! Where are the leaves?

That’s right.  Today is the first day of fall.  Unless you’re in one of the far northeastern states you may not be able to tell that it’s fall by just looking at the falling leaves and colors on the local trees.    Fall brings more moisture in the air,  cooler weather and football season.  That's not all though. It also signals that winter is just around the corner.  

0__922_01We’ve had fairly nice weather with highs in the mid-70’s and only a smidgen of rain but the forecast indicates all that may be changing soon.   Family vacations are over.  Everyone is back at work and kids are in school.  The week can drag without people to visit, things to do or places to go.   

With all this spare time my computer and my tablet did finally get upgraded to Windows 10.   I wasn’t thrilled when I had to track down and re-load my printer software or when I discovered that all my previous default programs had been changed and now needed to be reset.   Not sure yet what I think about the new operating system. Only time will tell.

blueI’ve had to replace too many small cameras lately either because I’ve dropped them or they just stopped working.  This wouldn’t be an issue if I liked the camera in my phone but I don’t.  The Samsung Note 3 leaves a lot to be desired.  So, this week I ordered yet 418gG1LzuxLanother small travel camera that can fit in my purse!  Thank goodness I have another one but it’s quite a bit bigger than purse-size.

Tuesday night I went to an interesting “food” party.  You buy spices and recipes and put together meals for ten days in freezer bags.  Then, all you have to do is drop the frozen meals in a crockpot.  Interesting and fun for sure.  However, since we'll soon be on the road, I had no need for more frozen food that I wouldn't be able to use.

Terry’s mom lives in the Phoenix area and normally our winter plans include spending some time visiting with her.  This year our current plans have us in Florida … not Arizona.  We thought a little visit would be nice before we head out.  So, that’s the plan for Wednesday.  We’ll hop a plane in the morning and  spend a couple days with her.  Besides, Thursday is the day she’s scheduled for a biopsy so being there might help a little.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. My oldest daughter has gone to those food parties and enjoys them.
    Not for me as I enjoy cooking everyday.
    Enjoy the time with Terrrys mom and your winter in Florida.

  2. Saw a few colors on our trip to Billings but today we're having almost record warmth. Of course, that's only in the low 80's which to me is about perfect. It's "warm" in Phoenix but I hope you have a good visit. Then on to fun stuff.

    1. I wish I had room for 10 days of meals. One of the "joys" of living in an RV. ;c)

  3. I never heard of a food party like that. I think I would really enjoy it...if the price is right.

    I am sure mom will be thrilled to have you two there with her for a few days. Enjoy your visit.

  4. I guess we will know fall is here when it does not get into the 90's for a whole week:)

  5. I bought a Nikon that is pocket size, water proof and shock proof. I end up dropping it all the time and this one has lasted longer than anything else I've owned.

  6. Seeing lots of signs of Fall here in Eastern Oregon, but being from SoCal, any color this time of year is awesome as summer usually extends into October there. I really need to get a new slow cooker and try some of those make and freeze meals - sounds perfect for the motorhome! Enjoy the jaunt to Phoenix, hope it cools down a bit there.


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