Monday, September 28, 2015

Fresh Wild Salmon -- Nummy


We made a quick trip to Phoenix to visit with Terry’s mom before we started our winter trek to Florida.  It just happened to be timed when she was scheduled for a biopsy.  So, it made her feel better to know that we’d be entertaining her and she’d be able to get her casino “fix” after the procedure.  As usual, she walked out of the casino with more money than she entered with.  On the other hand, I wasn’t quite so lucky …. but, that’s normal for me.

"Terry's sister's dogs waiting for mom to return”

We also had another little task to take care of while in Arizona.  Terry's mom had recently moved out of her house into a retirement home.  Her old house had been cleaned but there were still items that needed to be removed before the home was put up for sale.  We had hoped to ship some of the stuff but that was before we discovered how expensive the packing and shipping would be from Fedex or Staples.  We need more time to pack up ourselves and find other options.  Eventually we’ll be making another trip to finish that project up. 


Terry had visited his mom's new “home” previously but I hadn’t so this was my first time to check out her new retirement community.   Her home has pool tables, a full bar, a salon, library, theater ... plus lots more.  We also took a peak at the restaurant where food is served three times a day.   In the evening white linen table cloths spruce up the tables. 


Our travel back to Portland was via Seattle, again ….. starting at 7:30 AM and arriving back in our own bed finally about 1 AM.  Needless to say, we’re getting a little tired of these long flight days.  Even trying to entertain ourselves at the airport while rolling from one flight to another is getting a little more difficult.

928_020We were back in time for the annual meeting at our summer community.  We’re thinking maybe in the future we’ll just send our vote in and bypass the meeting.  The meetings can be entertaining if you’re not involved in the issues but the politics aren’t something we really care much about.

This tree recognized volunteers during the summer months – even Terry and I are there on the tree


The best part about  the meeting was the dinner afterwards.  Jordie has a friend who does a lot of salmon fishing.  When his freezer is full, she gets some.  Thus, dinner was a freshly caught salmon or two.  Lee lit up the barbecue and put the fish on cedar planks.  Best of all …   I was invited. 

We were back in town on Sunday to watch the Seahawks win.  Salmon leftovers were in the refrigerator.  Thus, I even got a little doggie bag.  Since we have no dog, you know who had to eat it.   Nummy!


Weather has been super nice but winter is coming.  Summer coats on the deer have been replaced with winter ones.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Believe it or not I had plank salmon at Dave and Liz's a couple of weeks ago and I really liked it. The taste was much milder. I am will be give it another try if opportunity knocks.

    Retirement homes look good to me. Being social I think I would enjoy it. However, I'm not going!

  2. Oh yeah fresh caught salmon, gotta love it !

  3. Better long flight days than even longer driving days to cover the same distances. With all the flying you do, maybe you should invest in your own plane. Then you could travel exactly where you want when you want without having to change planes in other cities. Great idea, huh? :cD

  4. I want Terry's mom with me the next time we go to a casino.

    Mom looks like she is living at the Hilton!

    We love salmon on a cedar plank! Yummmmy!

  5. Fresh caught salmon...yummy! Enjoy the cooler temps. It's still quite warm in Moab!

  6. LOVE the new header!! The dog at the door are precious :-) Looks like Mom has some nice new digs but too bad you have to make that long trip again for the house packing :-( Salmon is a favorite of ours and that looks delicious!!!


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