Monday, August 10, 2015


There are some things I’ve come to realize.  Things and people come and go.  Activities change as does scenery.  It’s like the weather --  here today and gone tomorrow.  Get togethers that used to draw crowds have emerged into new gatherings with new people.  Even attendance at family gatherings decline as older generations are no longer around or able to travel.  We can’t go backwards.  It’s a continual new march into the unknown and down different roads.  

Get Together

Looking back I realize my old best friends have become older friends.  Some travel in other ways and other directions but we remain friends. As we take different routes we tend to meet new ones traveling along the same one.   We move on as changes occur. We slowly move from one circle into other circles.  The circle is always moving.  I’ve come to realize it isn’t necessary to spend time where we don’t want or who we don’t want to spend it with.  It’s the freedom of the road that allows us many choices.  It's that freedom we enjoy.

Some faces have been replaced with new faces.  As people in my world change so do I.  Some changes I’m happy about and others not so much. What I used to like doing no longer seems to be as thrilling.  There are new things to try, new adventures to seek and, of course, new places to go.

The big change took place at retirement.  The every day work life went away and a new life emerged.  One I never would have thought possible.  What works for many, would not have worked for me.  I cannot imagine staying in one place, on one block, in one city and rock my life away as so many others do.  Traveling has given us the opportunity to meet new people, see new places and visit those we care about the most.  We traveled a great deal in our work-life.  We realized there was no reason to stop.  Travel has given us new circles and in those circles we can pick and choose.  We can see who we want, when we want and where we want.   What can I say!  “It’s a wonderful life” indeed. 



Fattening Food
There is one more thing I’ve come to realize and that is DIET. That word really is one of those four letter words and it seems to follow me around.  I’ve come to hate it and have absolutely no respect for the word.. The worst part about DIET is that I know it will always be with me as long as there are restaurants around and people to visit those restaurants with.

- - - - - - - - -

On Friday we had a very successful day at Powell’s Bookstore in Portland.  It’s huge. It’s amazing.  I found a few treasures including two that will be in use this winter.

disney111 floridafrom

The end of summer is approaching.   We’ve been so very busy.  Terry’s back from Phoenix (again) but not necessarily to stay.  He’ll be returning in a couple weeks.  This time I might go back with him … maybe.   With him came a couple suitcases full of small antiques.  Needless to say, there are many more just waiting to be sorted and shipped.  

Justin’s leave is almost over and we still have things to do and places to take him.   Sandi’s boot camp graduation is just around the corner.  That's another adventure in itself. 

Fall is almost here.  Our wheels will soon turn south.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Excellent posting, that is the exact same reasons we love this lifestyle too!
    Have fun in Florida. Will keep an eye on your travels.

  2. Would it not have been nicer to have made the Realization about your life on wheels earlier in your lives.
    Just like you we are having a hard time controlling our diets. (Think of it as a noun rather than a verb.) The only way to fix that is changing the way we eat when eating at home to offset the times spent in restaurants socializing.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. I'm glad to be in one of your circles. Maybe we don't see each other face-to-face as often as we'd like, but I sure value our friendship. :c)

  4. I'm always overjoyed when our circles connect. I really like this post (well except for the use of that word DIET). I've put on so much weight this summer, sitting here and worrying. Hopefully when we move out my eating will also.

  5. If you find some cool things in that Florida book, please be sure to share with me. Looking forward to hearing how your plans are going.

    You two are as busy as ever. I gained 4 pounds this summer...mostly drinking on Paul's Memory Lane Tour. I cannot lose ONE pound. It is madding. I hate that four-letter word also...big time!

  6. My tip for Disney World--be there when the gates open and turn left. 90% of the people turn right so turning left lets you avoid the worst crowds much of the day.

  7. Well said Jeri! And yep, that yummy tasting four letter word follows us wherever we go...
    Enjoy's one of my favorite things about this wonderful life style!

  8. It's a thing happening to many of us: REALIZATION that things are changing and that we change with them.

  9. Good stuff. I have found many unexpected changes in retirement, and also many I always hoped would happen. So many things to be grateful for, and to look forward to :-)

  10. Great post, travel is truly our thing these days. We have enjoyed our days in the Canada Maritime provinces, but now glad to be back in WIFI country and starting to catch up with what has been going on in the lower 48:)


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