Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Moving From One Event to Another

_reunion-5We seem to move from one planned event to another.  Our little family get together is now behind us.  I can’t call it a reunion because it wasn’t a whole bunch of people.  It was just a little get together for those who do live close and those wanting to reconnect.

Justin’s leave is also over and he is back in Norfolk. So, I guess we now have two “overs” to report.  For one, the little family get together went off without a hitch and even though it was fun, we’re happy that it is behind us.  Justin’s leave?  Well, we wish he were still with us so that part we’re not so happy about but we’re also lucky that he chose to spend a lot of time with us.

We had several events planned with our group.  First we played.  We started at the lake where we alternated people into the six kayaks we had available. 

_reunion-7 _reunion-6

Some folks weren’t quite comfortable being on their own at first.  Then, Justin, tipped his kayak over.  However, being a Navy SAR swimmer no one rushed out to help until we realized how quickly those kayaks fill up with water making it extremely difficult to turn back over.  Of course, through a past experience, we already knew that.

Then, all of us played some more.
_reunion-4 _reunion-13

Little cousins connected with rarely seen cousins          

Ever been to a get together where food wasn’t a big hit?  Well, we had lots of food and eating was also on the agenda.
_reunion-10 _reunion-9 _reunion-11

Even the deer ate

Courtesy VIP2  Some     Camped      

Some took a dip  in the pool                                                  
2 pool(1)


We even managed to leave traces of another vehicle on the side of one of ours.  (Ouch)

Then everyone took off in different directions and it was time for us to relax on the lake in Tammi’s boat.  That's just what we did.


The get together was a success and we were zonked.  Now it’s on to the next event which is just around the corner.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Hope you rest up a bit between events...

  2. Beautiful header photo.

    I am zonked too just reading about your get together. Glad y'all had an awesome time, and Justin could join in on all the fun.

  3. We know just what you mean. We LOVED having our family around but alone time is needed.

  4. Our family gathered in Ruidoso, NM last spring and fortunately the work was well distributed and folks planned their own outings. Still, the revved up energy of all the people meant enjoying the peace and quiet when it was all over :-) Looks like everyone had a great time, especially on the water!


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