Monday, August 24, 2015

Almost time to do a little roaming

We woke up Saturday morning with smoke all around us.  It looked foggy and smelled like someone had a camp fire close by.  It wasn’t just a camp fire.  It was a forest fire.  Those are all around Washington state but the one we’re 0entry_thumb[3]smelling is probably about 70 miles away as the crow flies (you know crows don’t travel on the curvy roads).  So much for having a long hot and dry summer.  The good news is a little rain is expected but not until Saturday.  Hopefully, it’ll come sooner and help those firefighters out.

Last week was a long one.  It may have only been 7 days just like all the other weeks but it went much slower.  Our attention was on Sandi who was finishing up physical and academic requirements at boot camp.  Well, we weren’t worried about the academic tests.  We knew she’d do fine there.

However, she had been sick.  I’m sure in such close quarters if one person catches the flu, everyone else may also catch it.  She certainly did and had been struggling to feel better along with the pink eye and a bladder infection she was battling.  Friday morning was the capping ceremony when the recruit accomplishments are acknowledged.  We knew we’d get the news sometime Friday after noon. That's when they were allowed to call family -- 2:00 Chicago time or 12:00 Pacific Daylight time.


We got that phone call just after noon – 12:02 pm to be exact.  We figured Sandi must have made sure she was first in line at the phone bank. She had been up 36 hours and passed all the tests.  Yippee!!  All that’s left now is PIR – Pass in Review -- on Friday (aka graduation).  We were so pleased, so proud and so happy.  Now all we have to do is find a flight to Chicago with a few empty seats so we can watch the graduation ceremony. 


Four years ago we were there for Justin’s graduation.  It’s the most amazing event we’ve ever attended.  After he graduated he flew off the next day to Pensacola for "A" school and so will Sandi since they have the same rating.

Saturday was another day full of activities for us.  One was a quilting class I attended with Tammi .   We had a lady demonstrate paper pieced blocks.  We had never used this technique before.   It was fun and learning to do something new is always exciting.

__aug1 __aug2

We also had an area by the pool that needed cleaning up. Quite a few of the "snowbirds" decided to get together and clean  up.  Afterwards there was a little potluck.  We did the cleaning but already had plans for a birthday dinner with Tammi. 


There's no way a potluck "trumps" a crab dinner.

The bucks are starting to come out of hiding.  We’ve seen some pretty good sized ones.  Some bucks are more skittish than the does but others are just as friendly.  They hang around here all winter and rarely leave this protected area.


Sabrina's church has an annual day at the park on the 3rd Sunday in August and she's always in charge of it.  Their church service is held on the river, a tent is set up, food is provided and it's usually a very fun day.  We always try to attend.

__aug4 __aug5 __aug8

Terry finishes off a couple more medical procedures this week and then we’re free to roam for a while.  We’ve decided that’s just what we’re going to do --- roam, that is.  First we’re off to Chicago on Thursday (maybe Wednesday), then, it’s Nashville, Crossville and finally Pensacola before we hop a flight back to Portland.  That’s the plan.  Our feet have been itching so now we’re going to scratch them a bit.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Those fires are just awful!

    Poor Sandi. What a terrible time to be so sick but so very happy for her that she passed. Must take after you Jeri...strong woman!

    You call that roaming? I call it cross-country viewing at its finest! Enjoy.

  2. That sure is some roaming you have planned, will will be on the move again soon.
    Hope those forest fires are wrapped up when we get out that way this fall.

  3. Our son also graduated boot camp in Chicago...I agree it is quite an emotional event!
    That nasty smoke has made its way to Moab Valley too. We can hardly see the La Sal Mountains!

  4. What a bummer to be so sick for those physical tests! Congrats on her great accomplishment. Enjoy the wanderings away from the smoke. We didn't have much near Issaquah today, and sure hope the weekend's rain really happens.

  5. Kudos to Sandi for passing all the requirements while fighting all those health challenges! She's quite a strong young lady, wonder where she gets that from? ;c)


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