Friday, August 14, 2015

A Crabby Event


There are some places we’ve visited before and look forward to return visits. The Oregon coast is one of those places we enjoy going back to over and over again.  We just love to visit.  That’s what we did this past week.  It was on Justin’s must-do list while on leave. 

We had made many trips with him in the past … well before the Navy grabbed him up.  Also, on that list was the ever so popular Tillamook Cheese Factory and the Jetty Fishery for some crabbing.


The original plan was to make a slow and leisurely trip.  It didn’t happen.  Our calendar had been stacked with things that either we had no control of or found impossible to schedule around.  We also tried to work around Michael’s days off.  As it happened, Tuesday rolled around and we were up early and on our way knowing it was just going to be one long day trip. 


Many folks head to Tillamook for their cheese factories.  We did the same thing.  Our first stop was at the Blue Heron French Cheese Factory.  You can almost sample your way through this place tasting jams and crackers, cheese and dips.  We weren’t the only ones stopping by as the parking lot was full and so was the inside.  However, for those grabbing something to eat at their café, the outside tables provided plenty of room to sit.  There’s even a petting zoo for the young crowd to enjoy.


Next stop was the Tillamook Cheese Factory.  It’s also always packed during the summer.  We try to avoid it on a weekend when it’s nearly impossible to walk through.  However, by the crowds we encountered this time, you would have thought it a Saturday.  It was packed.  Thankfully, the supply of cheese samples was plentiful and the lines moved fast.  Having lunch at their café didn’t happen though.  That was the plan but plans seem to be made just so we can break them.  There was no place to sit.  Normally, we also grab a delicious Tillamook Ice Cream cone and move on.  Again, the line was long and our day was too short for all that we had planned.  We didn’t have much time to wait around.

13Augb__91 13Augb__83

Jetty Fishery was the number one reason we were at the coast.  You can rent boats from the marina and crab in the bay.  Or, you can grab a couple crab nets and try your luck from their 13Augb__107dock.  We’ve done both in the past.  This time it was just from the dock and we grabbed five nets.  The weather was perfect and great for sitting on the dock.  For the rest of the afternoon it was a continual event putting in the crab nets and pulling them out.  Lots of crabs were caught but they were mostly female.  The only ones we could keep were the large males.  It was mostly about the adventure.

Small RV park at Jetty Fishery overlooking bay

13Augb__46 13Augb__86


Afterwards, we enjoyed the “fruit” of our labor before we headed inland again.


We’ve noticed a few deer have had a little issue using our feeder.  The bigger they get, the more they have to plan.

So, now what?  Well, this is the weekend of the get together.  It’s not really a family reunion even though I’ve called it that at times.  It’s just a get together of those family members who are close and ready for a spin.  Regardless of what it might be called if you’re hosting it, it’s work.  Thus, we’ve been caught up in that adventure too.

We have cousins pulling in today and have reserved local RV sites.  We do have room and hookups for an additional RV but there’s just something about having your own space.  So, we’re giving them their space and using ours for parking cars.

Tammi’s hosting dinner Friday night  … barbecuing hamburgers.  I have Saturday and Sunday  – lunch and potluck dinner.  Sunday usually starts with breakfast  – pancakes –  before everyone heads back in the direction they came from.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. That crabbing sounds wonderful, and delicious! Have fun this weekend - family get-togethers are always fun! :)

  2. I guess the Tillamook Cheese Factory finally was able to restock the cheese curds after my last visit there in 2012. Just thinking about them makes my mouth water and my teeth squeak! :cD

  3. Yum crab. Don't think I could get my Minnesota family to eat it though. Gorgeous pictures Jeri.

  4. Really like your beach pics. beautiful!

  5. Hey...what's the deal? You never told us about Blue Heron French Cheese Factory. Bummer...we missed that one.


    Enjoy the "not reunion." Make lots of memories.

  6. We were surprised how packed Blue Heron was on a week day and never made it past the parking lot at the Tillamook Factory because it was full. Cheese is very popular! As Tillamook Valley remains on the top of our list for places to return we'll have to check out the crabbing as well. We love that area. That buck is outgrowing his feed bucket for sure. Have fun with all the family, hopefully it's more play than work!

  7. If you ever get to Bandon, down on the Southern Coastline, stop at Face Rock Creamery.

    Tillalmook bought out Bandon Cheese factory a few years back, but anything you see With Face Rock on it, is made right there and if you like curds, you will luv, luv, luv what they make there. We also were in Tillamook County a couple of weeks ago. We stopped at Blue Heron instead of Tillammook Cheese factory. But then I use to live in Tillamook and know how busy that place can be. :)

  8. My mouth was watering!
    Enjoy your family...


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