Monday, July 13, 2015

Pigeon Forge – More to See and Do

We had been pretty busy running around Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg on Friday.  By the time we finished the day up we were pretty zonked.  I posted our activities on my previous blog. 

Saturday was another very busy day.  It started at the Old Mill Restaurant for breakfast.  I would guess it’s probably the most popular place to eat especially since it’s almost in the center of Pigeon Forge plus this restaurant is attached to the mill. 

You remember – that ever so popular advertising photo everyone who visits just has to recreate.  Well,  here’s another one from me.


Old Mill Restaurant  ------

After breakfast we figured we’d stop at the Jurassic Jungle Boat ride but it wasn’t opened yet so we made yet another stop at the outlet mall to kill time.  We knew some of the stores did open early.  This time I didn’t leave empty handed.  Terry and I both had a bag and each bag contained a new pair of shoes! Score one for both of us!

We had seen the advertisement for the Jurassic Jungle Boat ride.  Of course, advertisement is written by the owners of whatever is being advertised and we knew that.  We should have checked online reviews first but we didn’t.  The brochures indicated the multi-million dollar adventure was so exciting that it kept people on the edge of their seats.  Wrong!  This was another huge waste of money.  Most folks rated the ride as a one star.  That should tell you something.   The cost of this ridiculous ride was $13.99 plus tax each!  Save your money and spend it on yourself at the outlet mall down the road.  Or, take in another show.
__sat_4 __sat_5

__sat_8The Incredible Christmas Place is another shopping area in the center of Pigeon Forge.  We were on a mission heading to another show when we stopped.  Since we were a little early we decided to take a peak inside.    What an amazing place it was.  Santa Claus was even more than willing to have you sit on his lap and have a picture taken.

Next on the schedule was another show.  This was a matinee at Memories – Blast from the Past.  The matinees don’t have all the hype that the evening shows have but then again, they don’t cost as much either.  However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t fantastic.  This show was fantastic!  We loved it! 

__sat_10 __sat_11
We weren’t through with the day yet but we did decide to head back for a short nap.  Well, Terry and Tom took a nap.  My job was to do laundry.  You know the saying … a woman’s work is never done!

Once the boys were rested up we were off to dinner.  A Mexican restaurant on the main drag caught our attention.  It was No Way Jose.  The food was good and the service a little too fast.  What do I mean by that?  It means the meal was served on top of the appetizer.  Oh well, that doesn’t happen often but mainly because we don’t normally order an appetizer.  Besides we were all looking forward to that baked ice cream dish to share for dessert which was more important than the appetizer.


The top rated show in Pigeon Forge is Country Tonite.  That’s what we saved for Saturday evening.  We had fantastic seats.  We were in the center of the second row.  Can it get any better?  It did.  We were definitely treated to another fantastic show.  It would be our last in Pigeon Forge this time but we would be leaving with fantastic memories of fabulous shows.


_pg_18 _pg_23
_pg_26 _pg_21

All of that took place on Saturday.   Tom was heading back to Virginia Sunday morning but first we decided to have one more meal together before he got on his way.   It was a repeat of the breakfast we had the morning before at the Old Mill Restaurant.

Another day and we’d be on our way too.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. What a great time you had and love the Country shows too.

  2. Your recreation photo is lovely! You nailed it.

    Blast from the Past and Country Tonite would be right down my alley! Lots of memories made in only a few short days.

  3. We have reservations at the COE for the 20-23th at Seven Points. Will you be heading that way.

  4. I remember Pigeon Forge when it was one restaurant, one motel, and one pottery shop. I guess I am in the minority that I don't like what has become of this quiet mountain town.

  5. Sometimes those touristy places are fun to visit. And I do love playing tourist.

  6. Maybe the boat ride appeals more to kids, but since we're big dino-geeks it would be very disappointing that it wasn't any good! I had never heard of Pigeon Forge before it was the site of a rally we wanted to attend, but it sounds like everybody else has. Nice that you got such good seats for Tom's last night!!

  7. There are actually two Christmas shops in Pigeon Forge that are open year round. If you are really interested in Christmas decorations Frankenmuth Michigan has them all beat. It will take half the day just for Bronners alone and days to visit that German oriented little town.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  8. Busy, busy, busy. Score on the shoes, though!

  9. So where is the picture of you on Santa's lap? I just know you did it! :c)


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