Friday, July 17, 2015

No Gators or Water Moccasins

_crossville_7Just because we pulled out of Pigeon Forge doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy.  We really have.

It was just about 100 miles from Pigeon Forge down to the Hyder Resort I mentioned that the other day.  We arrived about the same time the gravel truck arrived.  New gravel was being put down and our goal was to stay out of the way until they finished the job. 

The Hyder’s have a beautiful piece of property but finding a perfectly level spot created a little challenge.  Eventually we were all set up by their new little casita.  If they think we’re ever going to leave, they’re wrong.  Well, it does start getting cold around here in October and we don’t like cold.   Their place is beautiful and we’ve enjoyed it so much.  We’re just thankful they have space for us.Crossville_2


Crossville isn't a big town but it does have a Walmart and even a BBQ restaurant.  One night we went to town just for the brisket but they were out of brisket!  However, we certainly did enjoy the Tennessee pulled pork too …. even though it still wasn’t brisket.

Muddy Pond is a Mennonite community not far from where we were.  We picked the stormiest day to go.  We were getting tornado, high wind and large hail alerts over and over again.  The sky was threatening and it was downright nasty.  However, that didn’t stop us.


We found many interesting items on the shelf of the stores in the area.


Crossville_13 Crossville_12 Crossville_16

We bought lunch inside the General Store and had a picnic out front  while we watched the storm.

From there it was on down the road to another General Store.  The Cumberland Mountain General Store. This store even had special parking for Rednecks.   

Crossville_44The Cumberland Mountain General Store is interesting.  We were surprised at some of the paraphernalia carried there.  Available for sale were many country collectibles, flour and feed sacks, rock candy, jams, jellies, cheese, homemade fudge, Tennessee souvenirs, plus counters and shelves filled with good "ole stuff" from days gone-by.  There are even some items on those shelves we were "shocked" to see. 


In the back was a little diner, Rock a Billy Diner.  We topped off our lunch with dessert.



Once the storms were gone out of the area, it was time to think about getting the kayaks out.  The river here is unlike some of the other places we thought about kayaking.  There are no alligators and there are no water moccasins! 


While we were out kayaking, Janice had a brisket smoking in her Green Egg.  She invited the neighbors over and we had a wonderful dinner.  The ribs and brisket were amazing!

__Cross_6 __Cross_12

Another wonderful evening was spent on the deck overlooking the river.  Jerry made a slingshot so he could shoot pieces of dog food and watch the fish feed on it.

That’s a quick summary of our last few days.  We'll be around for a little longer.  Then it's time to head back to Washington State.

Eventually, we'll have to start moving our motorhome towards Florida.  Some we know have already made winter reservations.  We're still dragging our feet while we research where to stay.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Looks like a wonderful place to hang out, enjoy your time there.
    Reservations? something we rarely do, just cause we never know where we are going to be.
    Safe travels.

  2. I can't imagine you guys ever not being busy :-) That is such a beautiful spot, I can imagine wanting to stay forever, or at least while the weather holds. Nice to have neighbors with a smoker - especially ones who share!

  3. Their place is gorgeous. We may have to do some detouring this fall....haha

    We really enjoy visiting small towns. I usually find some really neat buys in some of those country stores.

    The river looks so smooth. What a wonderful way to spend a few hours.

  4. That is truly a beautiful area to visit.
    Making reservations for some areas in Florida for the winter have to be done a year ahead. Sanibel Island has a two year reservation period.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Why would you ever want to leave?...What a beautiful spot!

  6. What a beautiful place, I'd love living there. Right on the water, like your friends do! I can see why you might never leave. At least until you do. (You could never be happy settled in a quiet spot like that. LOL!) I can't decide where I want to be for the winter, either, but I suspect I'll be at Quartzsite, as always. I do like wintering there. :)


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