Friday, July 31, 2015

Lazy Days of Summer

Hot and dry weather normally doesn't start around here until July.  However, this year it started in June and it has continued to be too hot and too dry since then. The only time it did cool down a tad was when Terry was in Phoenix.  So, he missed the cool and wonderful temperatures of the upper 70’s and low 80’s for that week.  Now the temperatures are shooting back up again with highs hitting over 100.  Yesterday it was 102.  Why aren’t we at the coast where it’s cooler?

Justin and Terry both finally arrived back in Washington.    Flying standby isn’t always the fastest way to get from one coast to the other but it sure is cheaper.  Justin has several weeks of leave and it’s been nice to have him around.  Even though Terry is now back from Phoenix, it’s only for a short stay as he’ll soon be heading back to31JUL__5 Phoenix to help his mother move from one place to another.

After spending a little time with friends in Tennessee, we came back to Washington with a few ideas.  One of those ideas was a rope railing partially around our deck.  We knew we wanted a rail but had been looking for something unique and found it.  Terry also found a helper, Justin.  It’s still a work in progress project but it’s mostly done.


The other night we had a family birthday party since we aren’t always around when everyone has their birthday.  I love it when all of us can get together and celebrate anything. It’s so much fun.  Even though Justin celebrated his birthday in March, we still made him blow out candles. Initials decorated on the cake were J.J.M.T.T,  Everyone had a chance to blow out their own candles.  In September we’ll celebrate four more birthdays together and this time the cake will be T.R.S.J.

We’re always looking for local BBQ restaurants.  You don’t really think of Washington as a barbecue brisket state but there are a few around.  We visited two BBQ restaurants this week and both advertised Texas style brisket.  The first one was located in a Shell station.  Can you imagine a BBQ restaurant in a Shell station?  Their smoker was outside but we thought that unique.  It seems brisket in this area is normally served chopped similar to pulled pork so if you want your brisket sliced, you have to be sure to request it.  We consistently order the same sides and it’s amazing how different a whole meal can be.  We’ve opted to splitting one order.  That way we don’t have a lot to eat if we’re disappointed and we certainly have been.  

What brisket serving would you prefer?  



Thursday we (Terry, Mike, Justin and I) were off to a shooting range.  Just getting to this place was an adventure in itself.  The road 1234was terrible and I was sure the bottom of our Jeep was going to be torn out, the shocks would need replacing, a tire would blow or the brakes would give.  That should tell you what the ride was like getting to the range and returning back to civilization.

I had never fired a shotgun before so was interested in learning how to shoot it.  After all, it was our shotgun and we had not only not fired it but had also never even bought ammo for it.  It was just the intimidating noise of cocking it that we were interested in.  Of course, I’m sure we also could have downloaded an app for our phone.

Justin was in charge and wouldn’t let us shoot until he went through all the safety precautions first.  One by one we took a turn.  It was a perfect place to go but I was certainly glad to get back off that road and  onto a paved one.

We have a few other things ahead of us this next week from a Snowbird Potluck to possibly a crabbing adventure at the coast.  We will see how this week goes.  I just wish it would cool down a bit.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. We drove over to the small town of Urbanna last Wednesday and ate at a little place that had the best brisket. You could cut it with your fork. Was so good.

  2. Love that picture of you mimicking Annie Oakley. How did your shoulder make out? I always bruise big time when I shoot a shotgun, no matter how carefully I hold it to my shoulder. Give me an M-16 any day.... :cD

    1. Shoulder is a little sore today. At first I didn't know why until you mentioned it.

  3. We like the shotgun noise also. I like the brisket on the right without the gravy and other stuff.

    1. Justin got us all earplugs. Normally brisket isn't served with gravy and junk on it. The brisket on the right was amazing. On the right, not so much - no bark, no smoke.

  4. Oh, dear, choosing between gravy and medium-cooked meat would be a hard one for me. I would skip the beans for more meat, though.

    You reminded me of our high school days when we drove down a road and hit a pothole so deep it hooked up our emergency brake. Dave's mother's car, too. Just one more excitement in the day ofter prom parties.

  5. What can I say? Hmm, we don't eat beef anymore but when we did we would have preferred it plain. And surprising as it may be, I have fired a shotgun. Put me on my ass, it did.

  6. We saw on the weather where Washington is actually in a drought situation. Not good at all.

    I love the idea of a rope railing. It fits your setting perfect.

    HAHAHA....the cake is a great idea. What fun for y'all.

    I am not a gravy eater, so I pick the second one.

    Did you hit the bull's eye?

  7. Hope things cool down there for you soon.

  8. I think there are more and more people shooting for entertainment. The Montana Rally we are currently attending has an outing planned to go to the shooting range.

  9. Campobello has very nice temps these days. That's why folks from the south are coming up here in droves.

  10. We have been pretty lucky in our location timing here in Washington, missing most of that hot stuff. We're hoping the heat moves on as we move inland for a few weeks around Seattle and then another week in the Spokane area! Definitely the plain meat. Much prefer my smaller rifles to a shot gun, bruises would last for a week!


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