Monday, July 20, 2015

Jack Daniels, Rugby, York, Cumberland State Park


We took a few short spins this week.  There were several interesting places to stop and check out.  One of them was an RV residential area.  Every home or duplex in the development has an RV garage.  The homes were beautiful and with the big space dedicated to garages between the living quarters, you probably wouldn’t be bothered with your neighbor’s noise.


This is one-half of the home.  The other half will be built when another new owner is found.


Homeless Hill is an area within the development for new owners while their home is under construction.  Full hookups are provided and the owner can stay in their RV as long as the construction takes.

The big tour of the week was Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg, TN.  What an amazing tour this was.  We found it interesting that the distillery is in a dry county.  They can make whiskey but it can’t be sold  there.  The little town -Cross_36of Lynchburg can’t sell any of the local whiskey.-Cross_58_tonemapped  However, the distillery can.

Single Barrel Whiskey 

There are two different distillery tours.  One is free but the only sampling allowed on that tour is of lemonade and water. There is another tour that offers samples but we took the “free” tour.    It was fantastic!


Secret ingredient – fresh, cool flowing water. Temperature was about 56 degrees and the breeze from it felt wonderful on the hot day.


We also enjoyed walking around the town of Lynchburg.  The only problem with the town is that they rolled up the sidewalks at 5:00 sharp.




Jerry playing checkers with a local


And, of course, we had to visit the General Store with the Moon Pies.

Critter Bait -  Ever been critter bait?  Well, I’ve discovered chitters.  Or, rather, they’ve discovered me.  I think they hitched a ride when I was cleaning out my kayak.  I can tell you, it’s not a pleasant thing to be.


We weren’t quite through with touring the area.  Jerry and Janice had another tour for us.  This time we visited the tiny  town of York.  This was an interesting stop for sure as the town of York was named after the WWI war hero,  Alvin C. York.  Sergeant York was a conscientious objector when he was drafted into the military but he had no choice.  He had to go.  He ended up being the most decorated war hero of that time.  A movie was made about his life and in it starred Gary Cooper.

-J19_43The mill at York, Tennessee

I had seen a sign advertising the Historic town of Rugby and we all thought it would be a good place to visit.  The town was started in 1880 but many of the buildings had burned down or replaced.  It’s a National Historic Site and has an informative museum. 

-J19_52 -J19_57


The problem with the museum is that the lady who takes care of the museum is also the one that leads the tours.  When she’s on the hour-long tour, the museum is locked up.  Thus, we missed the museum.  We were a little disappointed.   However, we did enjoy the stores and the printing shop.


After all the touring we did we were pretty hungry.  We ended up at the Cumberland State Park Restaurant.  We were surprised that the state park actually had a restaurant in it.  The restaurant had a wonderful buffet. 


We waddled out of there and down to the river to watch the geese and the ducks waddle around too,



This state park is one of the nicest we’ve ever visited.  In addition to a campground, cabins and the restaurant, there was also a river with kayak and boat rentals plus a huge swimming pool!  I hav never seen a park with so many amenities.


We’ve sure been lucky to have local guides.  They’ve really gone out of their way for us and we really do appreciate it!  However, it’s not been all fun and games (actually it has been).  Terry and Jerry have been working their tails off trying to get the Hyder’s little casita finished.

Now we have another chore in store ….. trying to get back to Washington and that’s the plan for Tuesday.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. So many neat places to see no matter where we go, have fun in Washington.

  2. That neighborhood looks like the one we stay at in Mission.

    That is one tour still on our list.

    We are definitely stopping at that resort. I can't believe you have such a gorgeous spot and private tour guides. They sure do a great job of showing you the area. Tell the we say good job and hope to see them down the road.

  3. Beautiful photos Jeri! The picture of the mill is stunning...
    We did the Jack Daniels tour as well...thanks for conjuring up some wonderful memories!

  4. I hope Terry won that game :-) Beautiful pic of the mill and bridge - fun to go waddling with the ducks and geese. We got to Washington a couple days ago. Sad to see the ground cover so dry here in the southwest corner, like all of CA.

  5. That picture is just incredible. I love it. We did the Jack tour also - the free one and really enjoyed it. Chiggers are one of the worse things ever. Good luck with them.

  6. We checked out that RV village a few years back, seems to be the ideal place to live with your RV. No HOA there against storing your RV. Sadly, it's too far for us from family. :c(

    I thing the previous owner of my new to me motorcycle was a lover of Jack's product, one of the engine cases has an "Old Number 7" end cap on it.


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