Friday, July 10, 2015

Goodbye Virginia – Hello Tennessee

The Pacific Northwest was breaking records for both heat and dry conditions when we pulled out of there the 5th of July.  We had just about had it with all the heat.  So, what’d we do?  We hopped a plane and ended up on the East Coast.  Now that was jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.  In the meantime, the PNW weather is finally starting to cool down at least into the 80’s.  However, temperatures on the East coast are warming up.  Intermittent thunderstorms still are around and there’s an occasional shower.  Those thunderstorms would really cool it down if _pig_1they were on the other coast.  However, all they do in the east is create humidity. 

If you have plenty of power, the heat and the humidity can be buffered.  If you’re boondocking or even running on just a 110 socket, it’s a little more difficult.  We’re certainly happy to have those 110 plug-ins though and fans do an amazing job of moving the air around. 

----    Tattered Tarp

We pulled out of the Elks in Richmond Wednesday morning.  (At least I think it was Wednesday morning.  Wasn’t it?  This week has been a whirlwind so keeping track of what day it is has only been possible by glancing at the calendar.) 

It’s a beautiful drive through the rolling hills of Virginia to I-81 which goes north and south through that state.  The roads were wonderful and the traffic fairly light except for the trucks.  There are always trucks especially when you’re in the mountains – always.  They’re right there in front of you going up the hills at a much slower speed than you’d like except the traffic in the left lane doesn’t want you over there either.

We had thought we’d spend a couple nights at an RV park south of Roanoke.  However, it was another full campground.  The local Elks did have some boondocking space but who wants to boondock when it’s hot?  Thus, we ended up moochdocking.  This time it was behind Terry’s brother’s office.  We found a 110 plug-in on the side of his building but no water.  The good thing is his office had a huge shower in it.  That was sheer luxury. 

_pig_3 parking
Moochdocking behind Terry’s brother’s office – perfect.

We visited with Terry’s brother and his wife in Roanoke but knew it was only going to be a one night adventure.  We had a nice dinner and also stopped at their house while he packed for the trip he was going to be taking with us. 


_pig_12Before long we left Virginia behind and were making miles through Tennessee.  It was mountains and hills all the way.  We were Pigeon Forge bound and looking forward to our first full-hookup RV park since we had gotten the motorhome out of storage.  This time we also had reservations and three of those days were at a Passport America rate.


We even had visitors at our site.

We didn’t hang around doing nothing long.  After all, we were hungry and it was time to eat.  Just about every restaurant chain seems to be represented in this touristy area of Tennessee.  We ended up at a local chain, Mama’s.  We weren’t sure what it was but it’s always fun to try something new.   It was just fine but a little spendy for what we had. 

Next, we headed into another area of town around the old gristmill.  This mill is pretty famous.  It’s on just about every advertisement for the area of Pigeon Forge.  Just about everyone who visits this town probably walks away with a picture they’ve taken of the historic old mill.  There wasn’t a question about whether or not I’d be taking its picture too.  It was just when and when was the first chance I got.



Next we had to check out a few shops.  I found this interesting character in one of them.  I found him so interesting that I left him there for others to enjoy too.

Thursday was a long day.  We were beat so called it a day.  We have plans for Gatlinburg and several shows over the next few days.  Pigeon Forge is the Branson of the East and we will be very busy.

What we were looking forward to for the moment was a good night's sleep in an air conditioned RV – finally.  Full hookups are wonderful!

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Enjoy Pigeon Forge, the entertainment and full hook ups.
    A beautiful area there.

  2. Pigeon Forge and the gristmill bring back lots of fond memories...

  3. We're headed to Seiverville. How long will you be there. If you haven't done Oak Ridge (Manhattan Project) it's very interesting.

  4. we have been on E/W for quite a while.. don't know when we will see full hookups again...

  5. We haven't explored that area at all so I'll be fun to see where you go and what you see.

  6. I'm with you on loving FHU's ! Life should always be comfortable. :c)

  7. We didn't even venture out in Pigeon Forge. There were too many people!!! Your photos of the mill are frameable. Gorgeous.

  8. I don't remember pics of the mill, so you must be my first :-) They're beautiful. We're hoping it continues to cool down as we had toward a month in the Seattle area.


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