Wednesday, July 15, 2015

From Pigeon Forge and on to Crossville


We didn’t have a lot planned for Sunday.  It was supposed to be a day of rest before we got on the road again.  It wasn’t so restful though.  There were a few other places to see.

The Island in Pigeon Forge is another popular place for tourists.  It’s not really an island but it’s kind of made to look a little like one.  We needed to check it out.  Margaritaville is there plus some rides and shops.  The rides aren’t cheap.  Maybe that’s why we didn’t see people lining up to ride them.  As an example, the Ferris wheel was $14.00 per person!!  Eek!

_---Sunday_1 _Sunday_9

We had visited Paula Deen’s restaurant in Savannah.  We didn’t feel it necessary to go to another one of her restaurants -- been there, done that.

_Sunday_10 _Sunday_14

_Sunday_18There were a couple factory outlet stores we wanted to visited.  These aren’t quite as common as others so we made a little drive to the Lodge Iron Skillet store and also to the Coleman Outlet.  Again , we walked out of both places without a bag but it was interesting to check them out plus a few others.  We did see some interesting contraptions too.


On the way back we stopped at what had been advertised as a huge flea market on the weekends.  I think it might have been huge had we been a little earlier.  When we arrived most of the vendors had already left.  Oh well … the early bird gets the worm.  I don’t mind missing a worm.

One more place we stopped at was Tony Gore’s BBQ.  There was no doubt we’d be stopping once we saw the big smoker in front.  That’s usually a sign there’s brisket and it really is being smoked right there.  We’ve made it a point to stop at BBQ restaurants all across the south.  This was the first stop for brisket in Tennessee.  We had to admit it was pretty tasty.  You could taste the smoke all the way through.  The only thing wrong was there wasn’t a lot of bark on it and the brisket was sliced a smidgen too thin.


There are a lot more attractions around Pigeon Forge.  We didn’t even begin to touch them.

_Sunday_2 _Sunday_3

Then, there’s the park I’ve bragged about.


That was our adventure in the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg area.  We are outta there.  Next, stop …. Crossville.


What a beautiful setting and right on the river.  It’s called the Hyder’s Resort.  The location is perfect, the neighbors wonderful and the price is right.

_crossville_6 _crossville_3

More about all of this in my next blog.  Check out the bar and stools Janice made out of pallets.

_crossville_5 _crossville_11

One more very important photo ---- Sandi was caught at bootcamp!

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Looks like you enjoyed your time there, now time to move on,more exploring to do.

  2. we were going to stop at Crossville had we gone across Tenn...

  3. What...$14 to ride a Ferris wheel. Never!
    The outlet stores sound like fun.
    Hyder’s Resort is gorgeous. I am going to put this on the Pinterest of must see places if we are ever in that area. You should add it to Tripadvisor. I am sure it would bring the Resort some business. Say Hi to the owners from us.

  4. That is one gorgeous campsite! We laughed at the $14 ferris wheel - does it massage your feet while you're riding? Ridiculous. That BBQ looks pretty tasty :-)

  5. Your days of relaxation are just exhausting. I wouldn't ride a ferris wheel if it was free. That is the one ride that makes really terrifies me. Love those stools and the bar. Very creative. Looking forward to more pictures tomorrow.

  6. Looking forward to your visit with the Hyders.

    I don't ride ferris wheels either. My fear of heights probably comes from when I was little and my cousin's uncle took us up and rocked the seat violently while we were stopped at the top. All us kids were crying when we got off but he thought that was hilarious. I don't think my Mom ever forgave him; I know I never liked him.

  7. Crossville has a very interesting RV home community, houses built with huge RV garages attached. We looked at them, interesting idea.

    Try not to have more fun than Sandi is having at boot camp... ;c)


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