Sunday, July 12, 2015

First day at Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg

_Gatlinburg1_3It was a sheer stroke of luck that we ended up at the Creekside RV Park in Pigeon Forge.  We are definitely in the right place and thrilled with the park we ended up in.  Reserving a site in a huge tourist area can be challenging.  This is summer and thousands of folks have flocked to this area.  At first we tried to make reservations at an RV park in Sevierville.  As we look back we are thankful we didn’t end up there even though that park was just a short distance from where we are now.  The traffic can be horrendous with stop and go for _Gatlinburg_1miles.  I think it all depends on where one is heading though.  


Creekside RV Park is ideal.  It’s perfect and it’s clean.  Plus we ended up with a Passport America rate for three of the days we’re here and Good Sam rate after that.  The good part about it is that we didn’t even know they offered the Passport America rate until we actually arrived and after we had made the reservations.  What a deal this park is!

Friday we drove the short distance to Gatlinburg.  We left early to miss the traffic and stopped for breakfast at Flapjack Pancake Cabin.  Many of the restaurants around here are local chains. This is just one of them. The restaurants attract crowds and I’m sure they fill up.   We were up and about early enough that we didn’t have to worry about waiting long to be seated for breakfast.

Gatlinburg is a delight.  The town sits at the base of the Smokey Mountains.  Little shops line both sides of the street.  We visited plenty of them but didn’t walk away with much.  We did stop at a couple of Ripley’s attractions.  The first one was Ripley’s Moving Theater and enjoyed it.  

ripley wipeout

_Gatlinburg1_4The Moving Theater reminded us of something Disney might have put on.  You’re strapped in a seat when the 3D theater starts.  The first movie feature starts as if you’re the driver on an ATV avoiding mishaps as you buck along your way.  The second feature has you on an inner tube in the mountains.  You slide down the slopes trying to avoid trees and other things that get in your way.   Snowflakes falling from the ceiling and wind from the sides made you feel like you really were on those slopes.  What fun that was!_Gatlinburg1_2

The next Ripley attraction we visited was Ripley’s Haunted Adventure.  We hated that.  It has to be the worst haunted house we have ever visited.  The tour guide was rude and insulting and we didn’t find the haunted house very haunted at all.  What a rip off!  Awful!


Moonshine is big business here.  Distilleries are plentiful.  One big one in Gatlinburg offered 20 different varieties of moonshine.  I think if one had a mind to, they could probably taste all they wanted without purchasing much, maybe.  We walked by huge vats of fermenting tubs of moonshine and yeast.  I guess that’s what_Gatlinburg1_5 it was because it definitely smelled like fermenting yeast.

About the biggest snow cone we had ever seen.        --------------------

After leaving Gatlinburg we made our way towards the craft shops that sit in the hills outside of town.   Just about everything from candles to antiques to wood crafts to art can be found.  Terry’s brother ended up with a trunk full of stuff to take back.  We don’t have a place to put much so did a lot of looking and very little buying.


A late lunch or early dinner was spent at Mel’s Diner.  Talk about a typical diner, this place certainly was.  We loved it but so do lots of other folks who visit Pigeon Forge. 


Next on our list of things to do that day was the huge outlet mall.  We figured we needed to walk off our food and did a good job of it at the outlet mall.  Again, Terry’s brother ended up with a few more items to add to the others he had purchased and were in the trunk of his car.


The Titanic Museum is amazing.  It took a little longer than an hour to walk through the museum.  The only thing I didn’t like about the museum was that cameras were not allowed.  Even though I understand why, it doesn’t mean I like it. 

Last on the list of things we did on Friday was the Smokey Mountain Opry.  What can I say about that ….. Amazing!  It wasn’t quite what I expected but it certainly was amazing.  We loved it.  The songs, the acrobats and juggler were without a doubt, excellent.

__opry_4 __opry_3
__opry_2 __opry_5

It was a long, wonderful day.  We got back to our RV park tired and late.    It’s not quite the same at an RV park in the summer as it is in the winter.  In the winter we’re in parks with folks who tend to go to bed before midnight.  That’s not necessarily the case during the summer when kids are out of school and on vacation.

There’s a lot to do and see.  We know we won’t be able to see all the shows, eat at all the restaurants or visit every attraction.  This was a start and we knew Saturday would be another long and busy day.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. So much to see and do there, enjoy the sights.

  2. Oh these posts are sure bringing back lots of memories of our old stomping grounds for vacations. For us in Georgia, it was either the gulf coast or the Smokey Mts. We loved them both! Enjoy...

  3. Sounds alike like Branson, with all the shows.
    Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  4. We've been stopping off at Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg for a number of years and each time things have really changed. You would have to live there and even then you'd never see it all or eat at all the restaurants. They are always adding shows like you'd see in Branson or even Vegas.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I certainly wouldn't want to live here. The traffic would get me down but it's been fun while we've been around.

  5. Pigeon Forge was on our agenda last Fall until our scheduled got all messed up. Now I really regret it. I'm tired after your long day, but looking forward to our tour today.

  6. Thanks for today's tour. We have never stopped to see the sights.

    I have tasted moonshine several times and hated each time.

    The Museum would be awesome to visit.

    1. You would enjoy it. Put it on your bucket list some fall when you start heading south.

  7. Now that was a long and busy day, and an expensive one for the BIL it sounds like! I still enjoy browsing the little local shops and especially the artisans, but having no place to put more stuff certainly saves us a lot of money :-) Can't remember the last time I saw a live show, need to do some of those :-)))

    1. It was an expensive day. The next one was just as expensive. The good thing is that shows here don't cost what they do in Vegas.

  8. Thanks for helping us know which are worth doing and which not. Don't know if we'll ever make it there but it's still nice to know.

  9. We'll be staying at River Plantation in Seirverville. We entered the state from the west. Plan to visit, Columbia, Franklin, Hermitage before going to the SKP park. Tomorrow we plan to visit Savannah, TN. Can't wait to get out of this park in Jackson.

  10. Creekside RV Park was the very first campground we stayed at when we bought our Journey MH. Can't believe that was eight years ago already! Looks like you didn't miss too much of the sights. :c)

  11. We were there some years ago and also stayed at Creekside. Things look about the same:)


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