Sunday, July 26, 2015

Back to Reality

We had planned on having our final kayaking adventure in Tennessee down Basses Creek Monday afternoon.  It didn’t happen.  What happened instead was a drenching rain and a thunderstorm.  Sometimes the best laid plans don’t always work out.  It most certainly didn’t this time.  However, the storms moved through fairly quickly and ___J22_1we were able to enjoy another “last supper” with the Hyders.

Tuesday morning it was time to move the motorhome and our vehicle into storage positions.  After all, we were leaving both behind for a few weeks, a month or maybe two.  Next came the 100 mile trip to the Nashville airport for our flight – Jerry and Janice so nicely offered to take us.  Before we knew it, the frenzy was over and we were on our way from one coast and time zone to another.

When we left Washington a little over two weeks ago, the state was in the middle of a long hot dry spell.  The temperatures had been soaring in the upper 90’s and there had been no rain for a mighty long time.   Not only did those temperatures continue everywhere we traveled over the last couple weeks but we also had plenty of added humidity.  Upon our return we are happy to report the heat has moved away and temperatures are comfortable again in the middle 70’s and low 80’s … without much humidity.abuck

Terry didn’t get a chance to hang around long.  The very next morning he was on another plane to Phoenix and I was left to fend for myself.  His mom was in the hospital and “the kids” figured more decisions needed to be made about where she would be going from there … probably an assisted living facility.  It’s not that she will really need assistance but  be more comfortable there than in her own home. --- decisions, decisions, decisions.


The little feral cat I had been feeding hasn’t been around since we’ve returned.  I’m sure she found someone else to feed her.  The food hasn't gone to waste though.  What she hasn't eaten, others have.   They do that here.  A few of the local deer have stopped by for a feast or two.  Birds have been making noise and other than that, it’s been pretty quiet.  I do like the wildlife!

I have just about had it with Google Chrome and it’s “resolving host” issue.  I’ve tried about everything suggested to fix this issue but it keeps coming back.  Anyone else found a permanent fix?

I don’t have much exciting to report … except Justin’s on his way and that is good news.  He’ll be hanging somewhere around here for the next month.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. I still use Firefox or Foxfire which ever it is. Enjoy those wonderful temperatures for me please.

  2. Making decisions about parents health care is a tough one, we have been working on these issues for a couple years with our 3 remaining parents. Good luck.
    I have never had an issue with Google Chrome since it first became available, sorry can't help you there.
    Maybe try Rick Doyle, he is the go to man for those fixes.

  3. I have tried Chrome a few times and just can't get comfortable with it. I always go back to Firefox. I love it, the way it looks and the way it works for me. The tabs feature keeps all my sites at hand, very easy to use. So, sorry I can't help you with that. I know it's the most used. How about a Chrome Forum? Must be one, and if you are having issues, other people are, too. :)

  4. Keeping Terry and the family in my prayers. Please keep us updated on mom's progress.

  5. At least Terry's mom has loving kids that are willing to do the right thing to ensure her care. When Marti worked at the nursing home, there were lots of residents that were just dumped there by family members who never came to visit. Very sad.

    I just fought a battle with that terrible "Unexpected_kernel_mode_trap" issue on my laptop. Finally had to redo all my drivers to eliminate it. Now I have to get all my apps back in place. Remember when computers were supposed to make life easier???

  6. The big decision is to find a good assisted living place. They aren't cheap, but my Dad loves where he is. I wish he would have moved into it sooner.

  7. You could write a book on traveling modes from coast to coast :-) Hope all works out well for Mom and the kids, we are soon facing a similar issue with my MIL. Your deer family look healthy and hardy, and I'm sure are as pleased with the cooler temps as you are. Enjoy your time with Justin.

  8. Not sure it was Chrome but I had to "refresh" my Acer yesterday. The text was jumping all over the place. I had to reload a lot of programs but all is well today.


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