Saturday, June 13, 2015

The End

It’s over.  It’s finished.  It’s behind us.  No more high school functions.  No more high school graduations.  Our baby is done.  First there was the Thursday ceremony.  Students were told to dress dresstup under those gowns.  Sandi did just that. However, I do think they should have told all the teachers to do the same.  Most did.


Graduation was finished on Friday.  How long did your graduation ceremony last?  With a graduating class of 63, this one didn’t drag out for hours.


_grad_1 _grad_2

There is a reason for decorating those graduation caps.  Not only is it to stand out in the crowd but also to be able to find yours after the ever so popular toss in the air.


Only the party on Sunday is left.  Then, it’s “Anchors Away” for Sandi.  This graduation marked the end of attending high school graduations for us. 

We’ll soon be back on the road but we’ve been mighty busy with repairs, carpeting, gravel, hammering nails and just enjoying life with family.

‘Tis life off the road.


  1. What school did she graduate from?

  2. End of high school graduations but on to other big events. Have fun.

  3. It's nice to have such a small graduating class - Congratulations to "the baby." She's a baby no longer! Best wishes for a wonderful future for her. :)

  4. It is so rare for you to end anything it took me a minute to realize this one is not you. :)

  5. There will be many more for us. Huh, at Nico's they didn't toss their hats,

  6. Another landmark in life. And to think I was thrilled when all my kids were finally out of diapers... :c)

  7. Isn't it wonderful? Richie's class was 500 but moved quickly so not terribly long - 63 would be wonderful! Congrats to the graduate. We'll have another one in 18 years, but that's a nice break in between :-)

  8. Congratulations to Sandi. On to new and bigger adventures.

  9. Congratulations, now moving forward, keep on working....


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