Monday, June 29, 2015

Six Flags and Refrigerator Replacement

Terry’s trip to Arizona to visit his mother is behind him.  So is his trip to Texas with Sandi and Tammi.  He’s back with lots of stories about all the fun they had.  It sounded like they didn’t let any dust settle under their feet.  The whirlwind adventure found them at the Fort Worth Stockyards, at Hurricane Harbor and Six Flags.  What fun .. what memories.


Pictures are only those I received via a text.  I definitely need better copies. 



Since this was Sandi’s last fling before she departs for boot camp,  Tammi had shirts made up for the adventure with a Navy theme.   Needless to say they were stopped by numerous individuals on their outing.  I think she liked the attention and all the comments she received along with the congratulations.  What a fun time for sure. 



I can’t say I did a lot while they were gone but I did keep myself pretty busy.  My biggest accomplishment was breaking the freezer door on our little refrigerator.  We knew we needed to replace the refrigerator.  It just made the replacement a little more critical.  I did learn that tape worked great in keeping the freezer door shut and the food inside frozen.   I used all kinds – painter’s tape, duct tape, package tape.  Once the adventurers returned I knew we would have to replace it.  That was the first item on our “must do” list.  Our refrigerator has now been replaced and we finally have a new, reliable one.

One day I was really feeling ambitious and got out the pressure washer to clean off the deck.  We had new gravel delivered and it tracks everywhere.  This will probably be needed almost daily until the grit delivered with the new gravel washes away.  It’s been miserably hot and dry.  There’s been no rain to help clean off the place.   Normally June isn’t hot but this is definitely a different year.  If it’s hot now, what will August be like? I just hope the temperatures we are having now aren't an indication of what the rest of the summer will be like.


I did treat myself while the gang was in Texas having all kinds of fun.  Safeway had a sale (99 cents a pound)  on steamer clams.  I made it a point to stock up.  Then, I pigged out. 

Look at the tag on that bag!  --------->    

In less than a week we’ll be on the road again.  For us, it’s back to Virginia to pick up the motorhome and start heading west.  Besides, we’re thinking Justin is probably ready for us to move our vehicle out of his driveway.   It’ll be up through Roanoke to visit Terry’s brother and then down to Pigeon Forge with him for a little exploring.  After that we’ll head a little due west to spend time with friends in Tennessee.  I guess I should think about making reservations at a few places along the road but I haven’t got that far yet.  Maybe today.  If not, maybe tomorrow.  I know it’s summer and school is out.  Everyone who has any type of RV is probably out filling up all the campsites.  We may need one or two along the way.  However, maybe it's best to just stress out about that later.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. I love how they both have their arms crossed in that first picture. Hot, hot, hot in the west and storms everywhere else.

  2. Too much out there, and what a great deal on the clams!

  3. You know we never make reservations, but it's put us in a dilemma for the 4th. We'll be in Seiverville at River Plantation beginning July 29 until the 4th. When will you be there?

  4. Seems like this was refrigerator week in blog land. Glad your temporary fix kept it cold until you got the new one :-) We had hoped to do a lot less reserving but are finding that to be unrealistic along the coast this summer. Hopefully when school is back in we can be a bit more spontaneous.

  5. The t-shirts was a great idea.

    Did you break that door on purpose...don't lie...hehe We have totally different weather in June than we normally do. I can send you all the rain you would like.

  6. There's never a good time to stress. Which makes me wonder why I do so much of it? I'd tell you to relax but...


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