Thursday, June 18, 2015

Jet-Setting ?


We’ve had company recently.  Our food bill is high with deer, birds and feral cats.

Here is one deer "family" at our feeder.

Most of our work around the “cabin” is behind us for this summer.  We have a list for next year already started.

I smoked my first brisket of the season.  Here it is still smokin’ in the smoker.  It was yum, yum good and for a change came out perfect.

Tammi had a graduation party for Sandi and as usual the girls came up with a few “crafty” ideas for the party.

There were “sushi” Rice Krispy treats.

Another snack was the fish’n chips      
See the little fish and the chips.       


Sabrina and Lee brought $2 bills under a graduation cap plus another gift in a small box shaped like  grad cap. 
All in all, it was a great evening.

16Jul15_7With graduation activities behind it was time for us to head to Hannibal, Missouri.  I must admit it wasn't a good time to leave the Pacific NW with the gorgeous weather.  However, that was the plan and that's what we decided to do.   I never said our plan was a good one. 

Upon arrival at the airport we discovered this was not the week to try jet-setting.  School was just out and Father’s Day around the corner.  We were definitely not alone at PDX.   I’m sure every kid in the Portland area was there too.  What’d we do?  We turned around and headed back.  Nix that trip.  We’ll do it again another time. I love flexibility with travel.


Maybe next week will be better …. maybe.  Terry, Tammi and Sandi are heading to Dallas for a couple days – a graduation gift for Sandi.  I’m sitting on the fence whether to join them now or not because right after that we head back to Norfolk to pick up our motorhome and drive it to Tennessee and on to Florida (maybe).

There is no doubt in my mind that next week will also mean lots of people on the flight to Dallas and Six Flags will definitely be packed!!   The good thing is I do have a few days to make a decision.  The bad thing is my feet are itching to go someplace.

‘Tis life on the road, in the air or … just hanging out at the cabin.  Life is good.


  1. Loved the "sushi" and the fish and chips. How very clever! You and your family seem to always have a blast with your parties. :c)

    Good luck with your upcoming air travel (like you need any luck to catch flights, you know all the tricks!).

  2. We know what you mean about high food prices. These birds think we are made of money...hehe

    I have said many times but one more time won't hurt....those two come up with the best ideas.

  3. C'mon up. We'd love to have you. We can save you a perfect site.

  4. Your family is so creative. I love seeing what they've come up with. Hope you get all your travel figured out. Just have fun.

  5. We love Hannibal--trying to decided where we are going to hide out over the 4th. We're near Omaha right now. It's 75 and nice. Just tour Boys Town today and really enjoyed it.

  6. flexible travel plans is always good, enjoy more time there.

  7. Life is best lived with flexibility - nice to not force a trip when it no longer feels worth the effort!


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