Monday, June 8, 2015

It’s God’s Country

5Jun_14In almost every town or city you visit, you can always find fascinating places to visit.  The Portland / Vancouver area is no exception.  There are many wonderful places to go and beautiful things to see.  There are a few places we seem to visit each year when we return to this area.  After all, it’s God’s Country.

During the summer the weather is normally perfect.  The winter clouds and spring rains pretty much disappear.  The sun can be non-stop and temperatures are usually comfortable.  Summer temperatures often are in the 80’s but rarely soar above 90.  However, triple digits can hang around for a few days during August.   June isn’t normally the driest or warmest month because "summer" seems to come a little later to this part of the country.  However, we have been experiencing temperatures in the upper 80’s.  Yesterday we even topped 90 with more of that today. It has definitely been nice.

The area is filled with lakes, rivers and streams.  Waterfalls are abundant and you just never know where you’re going to find the next waterfall.


One place that keeps beckoning us to return is Washington Park.  Washington Park sits high above the city and on a clear day Mt. Hood can be seen in the distance between the tall trees.  It’s also a place to park and enjoy the Rose Garden, Japanese Gardens and even catch a ride to the Portland Zoo.  We spent a few hours there last Thursday.


No outing is complete without a few side visits though.  We made those too.  The first side trip was to the ever so famous Powell’s Book Store.  If you’ve never been to Powell’s, you have no idea what a large bookstore is.  This place has used books, new books, reading rooms and even a coffee shop in it’s 68,000 square feet of space.  Powell’s main store is one of the largest independent bookstores in the world and just another one of those must-visit places in downtown Portland.

_5Jun_4 _5Jun_2

Also, no outing is complete without a food stop and what’s better on a beautiful day than sitting right on the river?  The Island Café is a small café next to a marina on the Columbia River.  The food is great, service good and the view fantastic.

Portland has no shortages of great places to eat or places to eat on the riverfront.  Another such outing was the next day when we visited _5Jun_11Who Song’s and Larry’s Mexican Food.  Again, a waterfront dining experience with great food, good service, a fantastic meal and super companions , our son and DIL.



My favorite feral  (wild) cat, Ms. Kitty.

Update on our projects:  Painting is partially done, carpet is done and deck is completed except for railing.  We even put in a security camera to watch the deer, snow and activity when gone.   It connects to the internet but that’s another issue.  Once all of this is done, what will we do next?  Well, we have graduation for Sandi this Friday and then we’re off to Hannibal, Missouri .  A break we definitely are looking forward to.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. So many wonderful places to explore, wish that we could travel a bit more though.

  2. So many wonderful places to explore, wish that we could travel a bit more though.

  3. Truly a beautiful area of the country. I'm glad you get out and enjoy it so I can see all your pictures. Ms. Kitty looks really well fed for a feral cat - I'm sure that's thanks to you.

  4. Oh how we loved our visit to that area. We particular loved our tour guides. They were the nicest people and took us to the best spots. God's country is so very right.

    Sounds like the remodeling plans are coming along right on schedule. Safe travels to Hannibal. Be sure to get with Shoeless Joe. He can give you the low down on the entire area.

  5. I bet you're really going to enjoy watching that camera during your winter travels to see what you're "missing". ;c)

    I'm envious of your excursions around Portland. I need to know your technique for finding good parking spots!

  6. That area has been on our list for a long time. Great flower pictures, I always seem to have them just out of perfect focus.

  7. I think Portland is one city I could live in. Less winter than Minneapolis but just as many places to go and things to do.

  8. Love the mustache. On the cat silly.

  9. Such a beautiful area, with so many wonderful waterfront options! It always feels great to get projects checked off the list - sounds like you've made great progress on yours :-)

  10. Wow, lovely photos! Portland surely does produce beautiful flowers.

  11. Beautiful rose pictures! And fantastic weather...enjoy Jeri!


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