Tuesday, May 19, 2015


It’s behind us.  Our vehicle is safely parked at Justin’s place in Virginia and our motorhome is now safely parked in storage.  It was a little difficult getting into our safe place especially with the owner trying to direct Terry to backup.  Egads!  He almost had him side swipe another unit because he wasn’t looking on the other side.   Thank goodness it’ll be easier to get it out than it was to get it in.


After a great meal at Texas Roadhouse with Justin and his roommate, we spent the night in a hotel close to the airport.  Our airport transportation was arranged so we'd be there before the crack of dawn.  That part was perfect except we hated the hotel. 

Luckily Terry snagged the only available seat on the first plane out of Norfolk.  I had to wait until the next flight but it all worked out great. We met in Dallas and caught the planned flight to Portland landing about noon.   Whoosh!  We were there.  It certainly would have taken much longer in the motorhome and cost one heck of a lot more. 

@18may_11Now the real work begins.  First, it was tearing out part of the old deck and getting rid of some flower boxes.  Then, it was spending a lot of money on materials.  The good thing is we had help and the help was cheap.  We have so many things to do.  Terry used to help my dad on all his projects.  Now we get pay-back. 

 Robert working on the barbecue deck.  Enlarging the main deck is next.


We did have a few visitors besides our daughter and her husband.  A couple feral cats came to see what we were up  to.  I haven’t seen my favorite yet, Miss Kitty.  We also had several inquisitive neighbors stop by for a handout or two.

My list of things we need to do here are about as long as my bucket list of places to visit in the RV this year.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. It's beautiful there...enjoy your time with family! Looks like you are off to a good start.....

  2. That is a beautiful area, wish we could find something like that around here, but no luck so far.

  3. Two whooshs and an egads! You guys are always up to something :-) Glad Terry was able to avoid the damage of well intentioned "helpers"......it often ends badly. Sounds like you'll definitely have plenty to keep you busy while enjoying family and their visitors.

  4. I never allow anyone but Marti to help me maneuver into a site. She has a vested interest in keeping our motorhome un-dented. :c)

    Don't wear yourselves out this summer with all those projects! You must save some energy for winter travels to Florida.

  5. May all your future flights be Whoosh!

  6. You do have a knack for picking the right flights. Enjoy your time there.

  7. Jim doesn't appreciate anybody trying to park him except me. Sometimes they just don't have a clue. Glad to hear you are already hard at work. I was wondering if your friends had come around since they know how generous you are with all the goodies.

  8. Paul never lets any one help him. He tells them...in a nice way...that his wife does a good job. WHAT? He is usually yelling at me...hehe

    You don't have to do everything in one afternoon. The new patio looks great.

  9. Did I miss something? The Mini Cooper, tell me about the Mini.

  10. Did I miss something? The Mini Cooper, tell me about the Mini.

  11. The last time someone tried to "help" me park, as well as not watching both sides, he kept moving his hands in a fast way, as if to say, "Faster, faster, hurry up." I got out three times to check and CORRECT my course. You know - if I sideswipe something, he's not the one paying for the repairs. He was pretty "irked" that I got out to check.

    Nice to be back "home," huh? Looks like good things going on. :)


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