Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Events

@25may_2Where has the week gone?  Yes, it’s been a whole week since I’ve written a blog (less a few hours).  So, much has happened but really so little to tell since my last blog …. one week ago.  I think that’s why we take photos.  It’s to remind us of past events.

New BBQ deck in the works --

Moving into our cabin for a few weeks, means that food cupboards need to be restocked and the refrigerator needs to be loaded with perishables.  Well, we still haven’t done that.  That takes time and free time isn’t something we’ve had a lot of.  

Our daughter, Tammi, is a Board of Director of the community we’re in.   Her husband, Robert,  is chairman of the Activities Committee.  When we told them we’d help if they needed us to, we really didn’t know what we were getting into.  It was a lot from early morning group coffee to inventory and even lake side clean up events.  It was almost non-stop all weekend.

Even Sandi was recruited to help at morning coffee get-together

@25may_11The nature craft for kids turned out to be a pretty popular event.  Papa Bear usually is packed with all the little kids, big kids and old kids in attendance.  The grand finale of the weekend was the dance held on Sunday night.  The dance was fantastic and it was complete with a great DJ.   Volunteers were needed for the food table where popcorn, soda, candy and lots of trinkets were sold.  What a big event it was!     Terry even got his food handlers permit for the events.

We did have a little break and had a small barbecue with Lee and Sabrina.  It was definitely a busy, busy time.


Hundreds of folks participated in the events.


Waterfront cleanup group.


Memorial Day Dance

Our community pool had just been resurfaced and filled.  The water temperature was probably in the middle 60’s when someone got a great idea and offered to donate $50 if Robert would jump in the cold, cold pool.  The wager continued to grow and another individual was added to the wager. 


Two made the leap and over $1,000 was raised for the Activities Committee for the cold water swim.

This was a holiday weekend -- Memorial Day  -- and every place was packed around us.  Memorial Day is a day to remember and thank those who have served and all those who are serving.  It’s also a day I make a point to visit mymemorialday1 folks’ gravesite in Portland.  Usually I try to put flowers on their graves a day or two before Memorial Day.  This time was different.  I didn’t make the trip until Monday.  The lines were long .  My folks have been gone way too long and I still miss them.  I always will.

On our way back from Portland we made a stop at the Home Depot.  Since Oregon has no sales tax, it’s a great place to shop when you’re in the middle of projects and spending a wad of money.   We’re definitely in the middle of projects with a deck to enlarge, walls to remove and a floor to raise.  We filled a rented trailer with supplies  and spent the rest of the day trying to make a small dent in one or two of those projects.

I’ve got to admit it feels strange to be on one coast and know our motorhome is on the other coast.  We’ve never left it that long or that far away.  Our motorhome is “home” much of the time but our cabin is “home” some of the time too.   I’m sure we’ll be checking on it sooner than we originally thought.

‘Tis a short break from life on the road.


  1. You are keeping yourself very busy enjoying the activities.
    We miss our home on wheels when we are away from it too.

  2. I loved reading about your week-end...what a wonderful time! Your community there is awesome!
    Love the DIY projects...the new BBQ pad will fun. Hope you will post a picture of it completed!

  3. I miss my folks also. You had a much busier week-end then we did. The dance would have been a lot of fun. Our only project is to wait for the arrival of our portable air conditioner and get it vented since it's going to be 105 this week-end. Enjoy your home away from home.

  4. Your little community really does a great job and it looks like the residents all appreciate it and join in - how fun! Makes all the work worthwhile I think. We're also trying to time some big purchases for when we're in Oregon :-)

  5. Looks like a wonderful community. Glad you all enjoy playing together.

  6. I remember all too well motorhome withdrawal symptoms from before we retired. I bet it misses you as much as you miss it! ;c)

  7. It was a busy but wonderful weekend. What fun to spend some time with the kids helping out. I think being surrounded by young people is what keeps us young.

    Sounds like your community is a perfect fit for y'all. Nice to be with like-minded people who care and cherish fun times.


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