Friday, May 1, 2015

Lots of Sun … Then, Rain, Rain Go Away

Our scouting from the previous blog rolled over into the next couple of days too.  We had more checking out to do.  The weather was beautiful and we were out trying to enjoy it.  We were enjoying it until the rain moved in for a couple days.


First we tried out the driving range.


The beach was visible from that driving range.  We were tempted to check it out.


This was a private beach and nearly empty – just the way we like it.  We figured on the weekend this place would be packed but we knew we’d definitely be back several times while here.


The Chesapeake Tunnel is in the distance. 


Next, we needed to find a locksmith to make a new key for the battery on Terry’s electric bike.  We did find a locksmith but after trying over an hour to make a key, he gave up.  He couldn’t do it.  That wasn’t good news.  Now what?


Across the road from where our RV is parked is a wildlife viewing area and some trails.  A couple of Egrets were hanging around when we arrived but they didn’t stay long.    I think we were too noisy.

RV storage lots around Norfolk and Virginia Beach are in big demand and mostly full with waiting lists.  We were lucky to find one about 15 miles away.  Instead of procrastinating, we knew we needed to check it out fast and put a deposit down.  That was the mission for Thursday and it was a success.  The storage lot will be perfect. 


Hampton had many beautiful older homes.

Just down the road from the storage lot was Fort Monroe. When it was finished in 1834, the fort was known as the "Gibraltar of Chesapeake Bay".   We had wanted to visit but the rain rolled in and we’d much rather visit on a sunny day.    We were also close to the Air and Space Museum with the Langley NASA exhibit.  After stopping we decided this wasn’t the day to visit there either.  Four school bus loads of grade school students were touring at that time.    Wouldn’t you rather come back another day?  That was our thought.

We’ve had beautiful weather but now the rain found us again.  Rain, rain go away …. but it will.  I guess I can’t complain because tomorrow it should be nice again with more gorgeous weather heading our way.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Looks like a wonderful area, too bad about the rain though.
    Just gotta love those older homes.

  2. From March winds to April showers...let's hope May is full of flowers and sunshine!
    Glad the storage problem was solved!

  3. Into every life a little rain must fall. Or something like that.

    Miss you.

  4. That beach would be calling to be too - beautiful! Needless to say we would love to have that rain here in SoCal - several days a time would be wonderful :-) Definitely would avoid the museum on field trip day. In my weekly commute to Sacramento this time of year always meant a plane full of fourth graders headed to the capitol. They were always quiet on the plane, but the airports were chaos at both ends :-( Still, it's sad when schools can't afford field trips.......

  5. Glad you're enjoying our old stomping grounds. And to think people tell me I cover too much ground in a short time. Of course, I don't bop around in airplanes much anymore, unlike you do. ;c)

  6. Glad the RV storage is taken care of. Definitely a major to-do off the list. It rained on us a lot when we were out there last Fall. As long as it's just rain and not big storms. School buses??? No- no- no.


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