Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hell’s Kitchen, Shields Tavern and so Much More!

_may9_16Saturday worked out just as planned.  It was a short drive to Williamsburg and should have taken about 45 minutes.  However, it seemed everyone from Norfolk was heading in the same direction we were.  We did arrive in time for lunch.  That was a good thing.  We also had plenty of time to enjoy Williamsburg.  After all, we were just here last fall. 



As I’ve mentioned in the past Terry and Justin always want to eat at Shield’s Tavern when they can.  This time was no exception and that was the plan.  After all it was owned by their ancestors and this way it’s kind of like keeping it in the family. 

We were seated in the basement (aka wine cellar) in one of the back tables.  It was dark because it was lit only by candles.  The interesting part about where we were seated is that it was the same table we were seated at last time we visited.  In addition to that, it was the same table Justin had been seated at the last three times he had visited.

shieldstav _may9_28

20150509_131344There are quite a few taverns that alternate being open in Williamsburg.  You get to enjoy a little more history by sharing a meal in one of them.  The servers are dressed in the period and the food served is typical colonial period food. 

There are many shops and places to visit.  Many of the folks who work in Williamsburg also dress as they would have dressed in the 1700’s.  Shops are open showing you trades and how they were done at that time.

Justin attempted to write his name with a quill only to find out that holding that particular quill was a little difficult for a left-hander.  His instructor told him had he been born a left-hander in that time, they would have made him change to the right hand.


_10may_3It was a fun day.  We always enjoy visiting Williamsburg.  The next day we were on our own for dinner.  Have you every tried to lose weight and yet you find you’re eating out all the time.  That’s certainly been difficult for me.  However, Sunday I treated myself with my own special concoction.  It may have “just” been a salad but it was a mighty good one for sure.

Monday started our real “get-ready” time.  We had lots of cleaning in the motorhome to do and finishing up of the packing.  One important part of cleaning was getting rid of all the tree droppings on the RV.  Awnings were washed down too.  We didn’t want to put them away wet but knew we had a couple days of pretty nice sunshine ahead of us.  They needed to be put away dry.  The last thing we wanted to come back to was mildew on the awnings.

Hell’s Kitchen on the Bay is not far from where we are staying.  It’s not one of Gordon’s restaurants but with a name like that, the three of us couldn’t pass it up.  After all, not everyone can say they’ve been to Hell’s Kitchen but now we can.  To top it off, we had a lot of food to take home with us and  we’d definitely go back.

Tuesday wasn’t without another special event.  Justin was cooking for us and we were going over to his house for dinner.  We were in charge of providing the protein portion of the meal and he was in charge of providing the rest for a group of 5.  On top of that he did the grilling.  It was definitely a perfect evening for us.   He and his roommates were left with plenty of leftovers for another meal.

gettingready salmon _12may_12

It was a little of everything including salad, salmon, shrimp, steak, chicken, corn, asparagus, peppers, onions and potato.  Needless to say, we all filled up and had a great time doing so.  We were still full the following morning.


There's a huge outlet mall close to Williamsburg.  That's where we met Linda and Ed for one more get together.  We didn’t buy much.  It was fun to just walk, talk and spend some time together.  After lunch at the Olive Garden we decided to check out Williamsburg Pottery.

What a fun day and a little windy too! 

Our time on the east coast is coming to a close.  It's hard to believe we've been here over three weeks.  We've certainly had a great time.  With only one day left in the Norfolk area, what's left?  Well, we have to get our RV and vehicle into storage.  Then, we have to find the right planes with two empty seats.  Hopefully, the next blog will be posted from the other coast.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. It was really great to be able to get together again. Had a great time. Travel safe.

  2. If we get that far, we will definitely visit Williamsburg next fall.

  3. Williamsburg is one of our all time favorites:)

  4. That's a great picture of you and Linda. Been so many years since we've been to Williamsburg. So many places to visit and so little time.

  5. I just went there fr the first time myself and really liked it. Yorktown was cool too.

  6. Williamsburg is definitely on our list when we get back east - will have to check out the tavern and see where they sit the non-family folks! Sounds like you'll have everything ready to head back to the cabin.

  7. Looks like a wonderful place to visit, your salad looks delicious. So many options in salads, the possibilities are endless and they can be extremely and satisfying as well.

  8. It looks like a lot of fun. You do have a great life. Can you pass me some of the discipline you have on eating. I've only lost 6 pounds since I've been walking.

  9. Knowing you, you'll have a much easier time finding two empty airline seats than a storage place for your RV. ;c)

  10. Maybe that's your family's table at Shield's Tavern?

  11. Our Kelly is left handed and in KG they wanted us to try to change her. Paul and I both said NO. Guess what...she actually turned out pretty

    I prayer I won't ever see Hell’s Kitchen unless it is the one you were at.

    Time sure has gone by fast. So glad you had so many great times with Justin.

  12. Always fun to follow along with your adventures! Be well and have a great summer!


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