Saturday, May 9, 2015

A little visit to Yorktown and Williamsburg

We’ve definitely had a lot of fun in Virginia.  We’ve had a little rain but not too much so for the most part it has even cooperated.  With our time to leave just around the corner and Justin out to sea for a few days, we decided to do just what we did before when we needed a suitcase.  We headed to_may7_1 the local Thrift Shop looking for a pretty big one.  Our plans were to dig out some things from the cubby holes in the motorhome and transfer those things back to the Pacific NW.  

The perfect suitcase wasn’t hard to find and at $5 was even more than perfect.  It’s now loaded with 44 pounds of “junk” which is under the 50 pound baggage maximum and ready to go.  Upon arrival we’ll recycle at another thrift shop.

_may7_4We’ve been doing more than just sorting out and packing our stuff.  We’ve had some fun too.  Monday was a perfect beach day.  We loaded the chairs, umbrella, books, drinks and headed there. I had a new author to try while we enjoyed a little beach time.

Tuesday rolled around and we went kayaking again in the same lake that we went with Justin the other day.  Remember the one from the previous blog?  It’s the one we were told had water moccasins swimming around.  After reading the comment by Chuck and Anneke (GoldenShoeRVTrip Blog)  about fighting off snakes that had boarded a rented canoe, I was apprehensive about going again.  At the dock we met two other kayakers who told us about their adventure with water moccasins on their kayaks.  They both assured me that water moccasins only stayed around the edge of the lake and never swam as far as the middle.  Needless to say, I paddled as fast as I could away from the shoreline and the trees.  In the middle of that lake we discovered another issue and it wasn’t about snakes.

We didn’t feel the wind until we were beyond the middle of the lake.   We only realized it was a strong wind when we turned around.  The 17 mph w_may7_2inds were pushing us out.  Now we had to paddle against it to get back to the dock.   Believe me when I say, it wasn’t easy.  I was already pretty spooked about the snakes.  I didn’t need the wind to throw us another curve.  Note to self – check winds before kayaking.


Wednesday we had plans to meet friends at the Yorktown Victory Center.  There are just some people we really enjoy being with.  Ed and Linda are two of those people.


We had been looking forward to catching up with them again.  We walked through the Historical District of Yorktown and chatted while also enjoying the view of the beach and Chesapeake Bay . 


Some of the homes dated back to the early 1700’s.


Then, it was lunchtime.  We decided to give the Yorktown Pub a try.  Actually, any place would have worked.  It gave us time to sit and chat even more.  What a great day it was.


On the schedule for Friday was the driving range.  Actually, it was golf but our time was short that day so the driving range had to do.

How difficult is it for someone to hit a golf ball especially when they are left handed using right handed clubs without golf shoes? Pretty difficult I would think.  However, Justin didn’t seem to have much difficulty.

Today is Saturday and it’s the day we've been planning to visit Williamsburg again.  I know we'll be eating at the Shields Tavern. The boys love to go there.  After all, their ancestors used to own that tavern so its always on our must-stop list.  I just go along to make them happy.

Our time is getting close.  In less than a week we’ll be flying back to the Pacific NW for 6-8 weeks.  The motorhome goes in storage and the vehicle goes to Justin’s backyard.   He’ll be heading out to sea a couple days after we leave so the timing is perfect.  In July we’ll return and continue our move towards Tennessee.  However, we still have a few plans before we head out including a couple new restaurants to try with Justin and one more outing with Ed and Linda.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Now you're really in my "backyard"! I drove through the Yorktown Battlefield every day on my way to work at the Coast Guard base in Yorktown. I can't begin to remember how many lunches I had at the Yorktown Pub. Glad you're having a great time in the area.

    1. We would have stopped and visited but you just had to retire. :)

  2. Yikes...water moccasins! One thing I do not miss about the desert!
    I love Williamsburg. Family and friends sure make it so much more fun.

  3. I told Jim the next time we head to VA we will be heading further east. So much we haven't seen since we lived in VA. Were your arms sore after battling all that wind? Be safe. Be sure to tell Ed and Linda hi for us. Good people.

  4. Good to see Ed & Linda again. I should try your thrift store luggage shopping before I head back to North Carolina next winter. It was irritating to bring lots of little bags last time.

    1. We decided we got one a little too big this time. We have to watch the weight.

  5. The wind on the open water is not fun, we were canoeing one time in the wilderness and headed a few small lakes away from camp for the day. Wind came up and took us hours to get back to camp, at least we made in before dark.
    Boy were we sore the next day.

  6. I love snakes but in the water they freak me out! Glad you were able to successfully power through the wind. Love the pic of the bay, and it looks like your weather has been pretty sweet. We have a car trip to Tahoe next weekend then the suitcase goes to Goodwill. We were just talking yesterday about thrift stores if we need one in the future - same thing for dressy clothes :-)))

    1. We didn't think about the suitcase thing until last time. We certainly don't want to keep a big one so thrift stores work perfectly.

  7. You two are a heck of a lot braver than I. I wouldn't be able to paddle fast enough!

    How nice to meet up with Linda and Ed. It seems like we haven't see them forever.

    Safe travels back "home. " I just love your cabin!

  8. Yorktown and Williamsburg are great areas. When I worked in DC, we visited them often.

    1. They definitely have a lot of things to do and to see. We will hardly touch the surface. What a great place for sure.


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