Saturday, April 4, 2015

Southern Food, Friends and Good Times

There’s just something right about being in Louisiana.  Maybe we’ve just been lucky but we’ve met some very nice and friendly people while we’ve been here.  It seems we’ve stepped into a whole new world since we left Dallas.  We’re in the land of southerners and there’s just something about that.  It’s not just the people and their deep southern drawl though. __4apr_21It’s also the southern food.  That’s a hard one for me.  It seems every couple years I have some pounds to shed.  I gain it all back when we get with folks we know and folks who like to try all the new restaurants.  Getting together over a meal just seems to be the thing to do.  All caution goes out the window when you’re chatting and eating.  Ask me how I know and I’ll just tell you, I know.__4apr_22

Louisiana was the fourth state to approve riverboat casino gam­bling and its gambling law allows a maximum of 15 boats statewide. However, there are now 3 casinos on Indian land and one land based casino in New Orleans.  The riverboats are attached to the __4apr_2front of the land based casinos by a walkway to the riverboat. 

We looked at some of the riverboats from the boardwalk and the outside didn’t look like many of them had been really kept up.  Inside these casinos the appearance is totally different.  They’re loaded with slot machines, restaurants and decorated to the hilt.   We’ve tried our luck and won a little but certainly don’t seem to be losing it as fast as those in Arizona or Vegas.


Back to food  --- I’ve almost lost half of what I want to lose and now we show up in Louisiana.  This is where they have black-eyed   peas, sweet carrots, cornbread, great barbecue, seafood  and deep fried catfish.  I have a feeling a big battle is ahead of me.  In Louisiana they also have a few amazing buffets at casinos.   We even discovered that our absolute favorite steak house has a restaurant here.

On Thursday we did a little backtracking.  We drove about 130 miles west back into Texas to visit the First Monday Flea Market grounds in Canton, Texas.  We had been there a few times but that might have been 15 to 20 years ago.  Then, it was mainly crafty, stuff and that’s what we expected.  We were mainly going to rendezvous with Jerry and Janice for a few hours.

 When I say Canton’s Flea Market is nothing like it used to be. it most certainly isn't. It has grown to one of the largest in the US and it is HUGE.  Absolutely everything is there, everything.  There is new stuff, antiques, junk and crafty stuff.  Like I said, everything is there.

There were definitely some things I would be interested in snatching up if we were in Washington but no way were we going to try to ship something even though that was an option. 

__4apr_17 __4apr_8 __4apr_16

I’m not so sure I would have bought it but we found a perfect bar for those who like to tailgate.  Check this one out.  It’s made out of pallets and a real Chevrolet tailgate.

We had a great day with Jerry and Janice.  They’re always fun to be with. 


However, for now we know we also have many fun days ahead as Jerry and Janice just pulled into our park in the space kind of next to us.  They pulled in at the Shreveport Elks just in time to join in with all the kids hunting for Easter eggs.

Once the getting set up was over we walked down to the deck over looking the Red River.  I’m still looking for those alligators I was warned about but have yet to see one.  After that, we were off to dinner.  Guess where we went?  We went back to the Salt Grass Steak House.  That place is so good! Another third of a steak was added to our stash in the freezer.

The diet is getting harder and harder to stick to but I knew it would be.  It was good that we decided to go for a walk afterwards. Bass Pro Shop was right down the Boardwalk.

 It’s not that I’m interested in a pontoon boat but my daughter might be.  She’s thinking about replacing their nearly new tent trailer with a pontoon boat.   I tried one out for her in the store and Janice tried a bigger one out.


I have a feeling this will be a very busy month. 

Have a great Easter!!

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. There is nothing quite like the Southern cuisine! Made my mouth water at the mention of black-eyed peas and cornbread.


  2. Oh yeah southern food, atmosphere and all that so much fun.
    Like you said almost a different world.

    1. You are so right. What a great place to be right now.

  3. We talked about going to the Canton flea market. I wish we would have known you were going. We could have all met up.
    Janice and Jerry look like they did five years ago.
    You are doing much better on your diet than I am. I MUST lose some weight!

    1. Oh no! I wish I had told you. Getting together again would have been great. Well, we're on to Ducky Dynasty and Monroe tomorrow.

  4. You have more will power than me. Enjoy the fun and friends.

  5. So that's where all the stolen pickup truck tail gates go to! Buying one of those bars could result in an arrest for receiving stolen property! :cO

    Have a great Easter and don't overdose on jelly beans. That'll leave room for more great Louisiana cuisine! ;c)

  6. I like to look at those flea markets but rarely buy anything:)

  7. I've heard that the portion sizes are crazy in the south as well, like a conspiracy against jeans ever fitting again
    :-) Love the bar. Looks like a fun place to spend the day buying things in my head.


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