Sunday, April 19, 2015

From Savannah to Charleston

CHS__114After a half day exploring a little of Savannah on arrival day we were glad our ride back to the motorhome was a short one.  We had a pretty good site at the Elks in Savannah.  It was also fairly close to everything we planned on seeing plus the price was right at $20 a night. 

The next morning we were off to take a tour on the Old Town Trolley.  That’s definitely the way to go.  You can get off and on all day long.  That’s just about what we did too. The trolley driver was very informative and it was a quick way to get an overview of the historical district.  The best way to see Savannah is to start with a trolley tour and go from there. 


Savannah has a lot of small parks in the center of town.  Some had monuments and others just had benches to sit and relax on.  We walked through a few of those and the tour took us to the rest of them.


We walked along the River Rd.  That’s absolutely the best way to see everything down there.  You can hop a boat and take a short cruise through the harbor. 


Or, you can stop at one of the many restaurants for a bite to eat.  We stopped at Tubby’s just to take a break and ended up ordering fried green tomatoes.   They were absolutely delicious! 


There were also many beautiful homes to  view.

CHS__68 CHS__65
CHS__66 CHS__69

Savannah has many trees covered with moss.  It's kind of eerie but also beautiful.


Ever seen a taxi doubling as a police car?

Another place that I just had to visit was the Colonial Cemetery.  Take a look at some of these gravesites.
CHS__78 CHS__90


And, of course, we visited the Old Market Place many times.

Then, of course, there were lots of stores with very unique  items.  My DIL has a new kitty so I thought of her when I saw this cat gown.  Next was a store with tee towels.  I saw a couple that might  be good for our daughter too.

CHS__16 CHS__14 CHS__11

We did find a great barbecue restaurant when we were in Savannah.  It was Sticky Fingers Smokehouse.  We ordered the Barbecue Trifecta without any BBQ sauce because there were so many different kinds we wanted to try.  I goofed on our order though because the platter I ordered didn’t include brisket.  However, the manager brought us extra brisket and extra ribs.  The ribs and brisket were to die for and with the extra meat, we had enough for another meal the next night.  Yummy.

CHS__23 CHS__48


Our time in Savannah was coming to a close.  It was time to move on to Charleston.  Saturday morning we were on our way and a few hours later pulled into a really nice site at Foster Creek RV Park.  This site was probably the best site we’ve had on this whole trip so far.  After all, the price was right, it was big and we even had full hookups.

Once set up we went for a walk around the park.  There was a bridge across a small creek and steps down to the river.   The sign next to the bridge was one telling you to beware of alligators.  We still walked down to the river across the bridge but didn’t see any alligators.  How far north do these alligators go anyway?

I'm not so sure I'd want to sit on the bench too long.  Worse yet, I wouldn't want to fall asleep and take a nap there.  I may want to see an alligator but only at a distance and not too close.


‘Tis life on the road.


  1. So glad you enjoyed Savannah! Have fun exploring Charleston...

  2. There are a lot of alligators here. It has been a long, cold and wet winter, so they are really now just getting active. Pretty much any body of water around here will acquire an alligator sooner or later.

    Enjoy your stay.

  3. Savannah is a beautiful city, even at night. But if you take the Ghost Walking Tour, you'll find out you don't want to walk alone at night! :cO

    I guess the PD there has a tight budget and they are trying to make ends meet by moonlighting as taxis. I'd prefer to ride in the back seat of a police car that way, and not the other... :cD

    1. I don't want to walk alone at night anyplace.

      I wish they'd drive those taxi-police cars around. I think it says a lot.

  4. Ahh Savannah. We hope to visit this fall.

  5. Lovely header photo. Are you using the Pano feature to take your header photos?

    We took the Trolley on our first visit too. Great way to see the sights. I love that city. You hit the hot spots for sure.

    1. I don't take a pano for my header. I take my regular pictures with a good sized file. If I want to use a specific one, I cut a pano out of the area of the photo I want. Afterwards, I resize it down to 970 pixels by 270 pixels. That fits the area I need the header in.

  6. I can't wait to visit there. It sounds like the kind of place we'd enjoy.

  7. Our one and only visit to Savannah was so short it hardly counts. Maybe some day we'll make it back there again. But I'm enjoying your visit and pictures.

  8. Local sites seeing tours I think are a great way to get an overview of a city, well worth the money.
    That BBQ looks wonderful too.

  9. Having a trolley that you can get on and off is my favorite way to see a big area like that, and it would be hard to miss those colorful cars to get back on! We haven't been anywhere in the south and are looking forward to all the history and mossy trees and alligators - and of course some more good bbq :-))


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