Thursday, March 26, 2015

Phoenix to Portland


We had actually expected to have more time in Phoenix.  However, with the flight issues, we only had one full day to spend with Terry’s mom – Sunday.  It was a long day and packed at that.  
To begin with we started off meeting everyone for breakfast at Cracker Barrel.   We love visiting the local Cracker Barrels.  Their stores are unique and the food is normally pretty good.   I did learn one thing.  Don’t ever, ever order their “fresh seasonal fruit”.  I did and was surprised at the lack of fruit.

Terry’s mom and sister

This is a picture of the item on the internet  but mine had even less fruit and was in a dinky, dinky little bowl.  Take this picture and shrink it.  Then, you have it.  If you subtract one of the pineapple bits and 2 blackberries you have it.  My dish had two pineapple bits, 2 blackberries and 426mar_28 boysenberries.  It was pretty sad for sure.

Next on the agenda was a movie.  We went to see the new Cinderella.  His mom will only watch “G” rated shows so this was about our  best bet.  For dinner it was Abuelo’s.  That’s one of our very favorite Mexican restaurants.  My choice was the chicken fajitas without the tortilla and without the sour cream.  It ended up being a great low calorie choice.

Monday was another travel day.  Taxi showed up right on time and the flight worked out as planned.  Even our transportation in Portland was perfect as our daughter and granddaughter picked us up and delivered us to the storage yard where our Jeep was parked.  Murphy must have gone off to give other folks a bit of bad luck just like we had on Saturday.  Good bye, so long, good riddance, Murphy.__26mar_7

We couldn’t hang around long in town visiting.  We knew we’d have a lot to do at the cabin just so we could stay there over the next week.  We needed the daylight to do the work in.  So, off we went.  We weren’t quite sure what to expect since the cabin has been deserted all winter.  It looked great except it still looked wintery.  Even some of my spring flowers were in bloom.  With a little clean up it'll be perfect for a few days.  There's no sense in getting too involved until all the rains are behind us. 

__26mar_6 __26mar_8
Spring is here.

26mar_6 26mar_5 26mar_25
Moved kayaks outside temporarily … sure looks like winter was here

One thing we did do was move the kayaks outside and tear down the gazebo posts.  We hope to replace the gazebo__26mar_5 this summer so down it went.  We just added it to our summer project list along with everything else we plan to do deerwhen the weather is nicer. The Olympic pool behind our place was open because it’s spring break in Oregon.   Our timing was good.  We  worked a little inside and took a few walks.  I love walking along some of the trails.  The trees are gorgeous here and so is the lake.  There are plenty of deer and feral cats just begging for handouts. 


The mini golf area was being cleaned up. 

That was our Monday and Tuesday.


The furnace is not working at the cabin.  Thank 
goodness we have an electric and a propane heater to keep us warm but we still called a repair person to look at the furnace.  We hope he has time to fix it while we are here. 

Terry originally had 5 appointments set for Wednesday but one more was added that made it 6!   We knew it would be a busy day.  Most of the appointments were in Vancouver but one was in southwest Portland.  We certainly had to scoot to make them all on time!  Some of the appointments went smooth and others not so.  He’s thinking maybe it’s time to change back to his old Phoenix medical crew.  We’ll see.  The best news is that it’s been almost 5 years since Terry had his cancer surgery and he’s still cancer free.  Yippee!!!

The weather was gorgeous on Thursday!!

We made a stop by the Holland Bulb company.  They grow rows and rows of tulips and sell seeds and bulbs all over the world.  I love checking out their tulips. 

__26mar_3 __26mar_4

Thursday night we had dinner with Lee, Sabrina and Sandi with more family visits planned over the weekend. Then, next week we'll be looking at flights again and try to figure out the best day to head back to Shreveport and our RV.  Jerry and Janice will be showing up shortly after that and we'll be on our way to someplace else.  Where?  Who knows?

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. That is awesome news about Terri...Joe has his oncologist here in Tucson and we have been very pleased!

    Your flowers are beautiful...hope to see those kayaks on the water soon!

  2. Those bleeding heart flowers are lovely!

  3. Great news about Terri, keep up the good work.

  4. Winter may have been there, but it looks like spring has arrived. I just love that cabin!

    Congratulations, Terry. Wonderful news!

  5. Good news about Terry, a relief for you both! Now you can move forward with no worries. :c)

  6. Glad your flight went well this time.

    I've always had a good fresh fruit selection at Cracker Barrel; sorry yours wasn't.

  7. congrats to Terry and a relief to both of you I am sure. Spring has sprung here in the desert too. very pretty.

  8. Glad Murphy headed somewhere else, and not here too :-) The Spring flowers were a nice welcome! Wonderful news about Terry - definitely cause for celebration!!

  9. Good news and congratulations Terry. As for the Tulips, up north in the Skagit Flats near Mt Vernon they grow many acres of them. They even have an Annual Tulip Festival every April. However this year the tulips are already in full bloom the end of March. HAHAHAHAHA Don't mess with Mother Nature.


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