Friday, March 13, 2015

Escapade is Over

The Escapade is over.  Now it’s time to do a wrap-up.  I certainly didn’t have enough time in each and every day to 12Mar_24do any blogs.   When we were resting from all the running around, we were still socializing.  The original plan was to pull out Friday morning.  After all we made a point to dump late Wednesday so our tanks wouldn’t be full.  Our departure changed from Friday morning to Thursday night and eventually meant Thursday afternoon.  You know how I hate sticking to our plans.  We also had a goal of only driving as far as Willcox and even that changed.   We drove on to Deming, New Mexico.  We thought we’d miss all the crowds leaving this way.  We didn’t.  For half of our journey the highway was full of other RVs trying to get ahead of the crowds too.

It had been a busy week.  I didn’t take a lot of pictures but took a few.  I borrowed some from Jan Mains and some from the Escapee group’s posting. 

This Chapter of SKPs has an outing scheduled in Kalama, WA less than 2 miles from where both our kids live.  In addition to being close to kids, it’s a perfect place to put those kayaks in.  We joined this group just because of this one particular outing!

When we pulled into the Escapade park we knew we had sprung a leak under the sink by the hot water heater.  Terry found 12Mar_4the leak but didn’t have the perfect fitting to fix it.  There was an RV repair person running around.  I bet he made a fortune during the Escapade.  He stopped by, had the little $15 part, put it in and 5 minutes later walked away with $75 out of our pocket.  At least it was fixed and that was the most important thing.

Roger and Lynn checking out the Cantina     

12Mar_23There were many, many things we enjoyed with the Escapade.  I have to say the best part was socializing.  Roger and Lynn were parked next to us and we had our normal chats most days and most evenings.  We really enjoyed them.  We ran into Freddy and Delcie numerous times and also enjoyed chatting with them.  Plus Jan and Bill seemed to be just about every place we went.  We also enjoyed chatting with them.  I think little groups can be so much more fun that huge groups.


Some of the seminars we enjoyed and others not so much.  Isn’t that the way it normally is?  We enjoyed checking out the vendors.  We had expected more vendors with more RV toys so were a little surprise there weren’t as many and not every need covered for the RVer.  12Mar_1However, we certainly did our own share of purchasing.  We agreed to think about and sleep on anything we thought we HAD to have.  That way we probably saved several hundred dollars in purchases that we would have made but after giving the items some thought, decided against them.

These are some of the things we left with.
We put the tank cleaner in immediately but haven’t noticed anything yet.  However, we’ve noticed a huge difference with the steering stabilizer we had installed.  We purchased one day and installers installed the next.  Perfect!!  I bought a “selfie” to hold my phone and take pictures above the crowds.  It also will hold my little camera and I can 12Mar_11set that on self timer to use.  We replaced our wood name sign we left in Washington.  We like the new sign.  We also had to copy Roger and Lynn with the under the awning lighting. Of course, we haven’t had time to install that yet.  Another purchase was from a fellow SKP.  He had a bundle of Wilson products.  I haven’t had a chance to look at that yet either and see if they even work.

Because of the distance from the many different seminar halls, carts were available to take people around.  Volunteers were used to drive these carts.  One night Terry and I volunteered.  I’ve got to say that was fun.  We enjoyed it very much.  We got to talk to a lot of people and loved driving the carts too.


Every night but one there was entertainment.  One night Brent Webb, a mentalist, was on stage.  He was our absolute favorite.  It was amazing what he could do.  We loved his performance.  We also enjoyed the Ham-o-Rama.  These were a bunch of folks from the Escapade that auditioned to perform.

We get our dog fixes from being around other dogs.  Thus, we just had to go to the pet parade.  I’m thinking we petted most every one of them.
12Mar_19 12Mar_18 12Mar_20

In one of the halls they had a craft show and sell.  They next day they had a chili cook-off.  I thought about bringing a can of Hormel but was worried someone would spill the beans that it was a canned product.  Maybe they wouldn’t have known.

We were somewhere in this group of RVs.
rvs1 rv2
Now we aren’t.

As we work our way East if you know of any great places to stay in Dallas / Fort Worth, Vicksburg and Meridian, we’d love to hear from you.  You know our email.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. well shucks looks like we will miss you in Deming... safe travels though...

  2. We usually stay at the Walmart in Deming, usually lotsa rv's and very rv friendly as well. Travel safe and enjoy the journey.

    1. We saw lots of RVs there. People are moving around now.

  3. looks like you had an awesome time!
    We really enjoyed Vicksburg -I'll check but I think we stayed at the casino campgound. We spent a few days in Meridian doing some genealogy.

    1. Thanks! I've got lots of cemeteries to go through in that area and lots of Civil Battlefields to see!

  4. Good to hear you had a good time.

  5. We stayed at Benchmark Coach and RV Park in Meridian. Excellent place and cheap.

    Sounds like you two had a good time at the rally. That Jan sure does get around!

    1. I'll look that place up. Cheap is always good. Thanks!

  6. I would have voted for your can of Hormel. It's my favorite chili. :)

    1. Me too but not so sure someone else might be happy with the competition.

  7. Looks like the escapade was are sounding success!!

  8. Good thing you slept on some of those purchase decisions and didn't buy or you'd not have enough gas money for your travels east. Of course you could have "borrowed" one of those golf carts and towed your motorhome. ;c)

    On all the items you did purchase, was that one picture a new pair of blue jeans you laid out on the ground next to your rig or was that Terry installing your new Steer Safe? I thought about buying a Steer Safe but decided against it, I figured if I hadn't already learned how to steer safe by now, I never would...

    1. Nope not a new pair of blue jeans and not Terry. Those blue jeans belonged to the two installers.

  9. We stayed at the COE just north of northeast of Dallas. There was a walmart about a mile away.

  10. Sounds like you guys had a great time. I'd be headed for a remote spot with a view for sure! One of the things I like best about being at an event multiple days is being able to "sleep on" those purchase decisions! Not only saves money and space but you end up with the things you most want instead of everything that looks good at the time :-)


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