Sunday, February 8, 2015

Paris for Lunch?

Friday was the first day back to the Arizona Casino since Terry’s mom started all her surgery procedures.  She finally felt comfortable being out around people since the bandages were getting smaller.  Terry gave her a 4 1/2 hour deadline at the casino including lunch.   She wanted to stay longer but she stuck to her time limit.  We were so proud of her ………… and, so happy for us that it wasn’t an 8 hour day.  How’d I do at the casino on Friday?  Don’t ask!  I’m definitely on a slot machine burn-out.

After we got our laundry done on Saturday, we were free for the day.  Sometimes being free means we’re really busy and other times not so much.  We were looking forward to meeting with the Dixons for dinner.  Even though it wasn’t where we had originally planned on eating, we ended up at Texas Roadhouse.  We love that place.  The steaks are always so good.  We also really enjoyed getting together with Sandie, Jim and Paul.  We had a lot to talk about since we hadn’t met up since Quartzsite.  So, we talked and talked and talked and with the noise in the joint we had to talk over so many people.  It was still a great time meeting with them again.   

Sitting still for a long time brings hitch-itch on.  I’ve had a real bad case of that disease recently.  Usually that means looking at our travel planslasvegas1 and making adjustments to them.  When it’s not possible to itch that hitch by moving the motorhome down the road, other methods of travel must be looked at.  That’s what I did.  I looked at another mode of travel.  It just happened to be airplane travel.

First of all, I suggested to Terry that we have lunch in Paris . We could make it a day trip.  You know there are quite a few restaurants in the Paris Casino in Las Vegas.  Since it’s a short flight, I figured we could go for lunch and be back to the Phoenix area by dinner time ….. or, we could entertain ourselves by people watching.   Slot machines weren’t allowed on this trip.  However, Sunday didn’t turn out to be such a good day to make that a lunch trip.  The return flight was iffy and we weren’t too excited about spending the night.  So, we booked flights for Monday instead.  We had a date!    Yippee ……… Paris here we come.  

CaptureI wasn’t through yet.  I’d been wanting to go to the huge RootsTech 2015 Convention in Salt Lake City.  It starts on February 12th and runs  through the 14th.  Okay, I didn’t need to go to all of the seminars but just a few along with checking out the exhibits, a short visit to the Family History library and a return. I even found a promotional online coupon for a 50% reduction in the convention activities.  I didn’t know if I’d be going by myself or if Terry would be ready for another short jaunt with me.  He was.  All I had left for this one was booking the hotel.  I booked the City Center Marriott $10 less than the hotel booking websites.  I like checking those sites because they do the research for me but since they usually tack on extra fees, I find I can normally get a better rate direct with the hotel and I did just that. 

Now I have a couple good itches to that hitch coming in just one week.   Besides air travel doesn’t put miles on the motorhome and requires less fuel going in its tank. 

d2115We finally ordered one inflatable kayak.  We are sure hoping we’ll like it but that’s really hard to tell until we get a chance to try it out.  Not sure now if the 2nd one will be a tandem or another single.  We thought we’d get this one and try it out before we make that decision.  What did we finally order?   A 13’  Advanced Elements D2115.  I hope we like it ?????

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. You had me going with the Paris for lunch, but I wouldn't be surprised if you really did go to France.

  2. Had a great time last night. Even though it was soooo noisy. And you get to go to Paris - have a lot of fun.

  3. Jeri, Your posts crack me up !! You simply can't sit still ! LOL

    I also would NOT have been the least bit surprised if you had gone to PARIS !!

    1. Been there, don't need to go back anytime soon.

  4. HAHAHA...I think this is the first time ever that I heard of a son giving his mother a limit in a casino.

    When you get an itch, look out world. Did you ever think about maybe a drive up to Sedona? lol

  5. You have the most interesting ways of scratching that hitch itch! Oh my, Paris for lunch, what a hoot! So how was the escargot? ;c)

  6. Paris for lunch sounds awesome, we can go to Paris Ontario for lunch but somehow its not quite the same.


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