Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kayaking in a Pool ?

We arrived back in Phoenix from the RootsTech convention held in Salt Lake City on Saturday.  Terry’s cousin and his wife also arrived from Omaha in Phoenix on that same day.  Even though there was a family party for him, we obviously weren’t able to attend.  However, we did get a chance to visit the next day.  Isn’t it amazing when we connect with folks we knew years ago and we can just start right where we left off?  That seemed to be the way with Terry and his cousin.  As with most reunions and get togethers, there’s always some type of eating around each 15feb__1event.  This one was no exception.  Charleston’s was less than five miles away and our conversation just continued there.   As usual at Charleston's, food was fantastic and service nearly perfect.

The food just kept pouring in.  It always seems to.  Monday was a get together with fellow RV’ers at the Eastern Buffet in Apache Junction.  Other than visiting there what do I love most?  Well, the crab legs are absolutely my favorites.  It was nice seeing Toni & Doug, John & Sharon and Jim & Sandie.  It’s always nice to reminisce.  We definitely had a lot to talk about since our recent Quartzsite adventure.

Tuesday we decided to drop in at Jim and Sandie’s place in Apache Junction for Happy Hour.  They had their neighbors drop by so we decided to just crash the crowd.  We seem to do that often.  Normally, I’d have all kinds of pictures for all kinds of events.  However, I seem to be a little lax at times in picture taking.

Wednesday was another kind of day but a busy one.  We were researching Retirement / Senior Living complexes.  After picking up Terry’s mom we met up with his sister and sat in on a presentation for the Gardens at Ocotillo.  We had thought it would be a great idea for his mom to check out some active retirement communities.  However, even though this was a super nice establishment in the upscale Fulton Ranch area, the facility doesn’t open for a few months.  She wasn’t impressed with the video.  After all much of the video was made with 80 plus year old residents.  I don’t think any of us like to look at others our age and think we’re as old as they are.  We’re thinking we blew it by taking her to the presentation without checking it ourselves first.  Just because she’s 86 years old, doesn’t mean she’s as old as the ones in the video.

15feb__2For lunch we decided to try Little Miss BBQ in Phoenix.  This place had been recommended to us as the best brisket in Phoenix.  Well, after standing in line for an hour, we really do have to agree that it does have the best brisket we’ve tasted in this area.  However, I’m not so sure we’d stand in that line again and from what we understand, a line is normal here.  Sometimes second best works just as well.



The Advanced Elements kayak we ordered arrived.  Before we got rid of the mailing box we wanted to be sure, everything was perfect.  First we had thought we’d take it to Tempe Town Lake for our maiden voyage.  However, we only have one kayak and the main purpose is just to put it together right now and make sure it floats. We’d never had an inflatable kayak and wanted a trial run.   So, what did we do?  Well, we found an alternative. 

  First we had to figure out how to blow it up

We decided to put it in Terry’s sister’s pool!  Terry named his kayak the Poseidon and thought he needed a bottle of champagne to christen it.  However, I figured that probably wouldn’t be a good idea.  For one, his sister probably would not appreciate the champagne in her pool.  For two, breaking the bottle over the hull of an inflatable kayak wouldn’t work.

We were pretty proud of finally figuring out the blow up part.

19feb__3Since we weren’t able to make it to Portland this week to pick up some of our kayaking equipment there, we had to purchase some here.  Using his sister’s pool meant, we didn’t have to worry about a life jacket or even water shoes.  Of course, it also meant we wouldn’t  be able to figure out how well it tracked but we assume it’ll be okay.  It definitely won’t track as well as the hard sided ones we left in Washington state but we know that already.

Then, came the maiden voyages.

19feb__5 19feb__4
We survived and didn’t even get wet but best of all, the kayak held the air.  Now we have to figure out how to deflate it and get it to fit back in the carrying bag.  I’m thinking that might be the hard part.  We’ll tackle that job tomorrow.

19feb__8After our heavy kayaking adventure, we stopped at the Sandbar Mexican Bar and Grill for a late lunch.  We’d never been there before and as usual for us, we needed to check it out.  It’s definitely different and there really is sand on the floor.  At least now we can say been there, done that and don’t need to return.

Our fingers are crossed that Hawaii is going to happen this time.  We haven’t decided yet whether to leave Sunday or Monday but we’ve told folks not to get sick so we don’t have to cancel again.  We’re watching flights and checking our options.  Just in case, I do have the little virtual eraser out ready to take charge if need be.


In the meantime, I’ve got a trip east in the motorhome to chart.  Of course, nothing will fall into place until we find out what others in our family are up to first.  It’s like pulling teeth to get this kind of information.

With over 12 people that I now oversee DNA records of relating to genetic makeup and thousands more speculative in my own  genealogy (two different things, of course), I’m hoping to make 2015 the year of discovery.

The year of more family discovery that is. I love visiting places my ancestors lived.  They all tell a story.  I want to learn a little more about their story.  Eventually, we’ll be Mississippi bound.  I hope.

Yes, we've been busy.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. As usual you guys are going non stop, but at least the kayak seemed to work.
    Have too much fun there.

  2. If Paul knew for one second he would have to wait a hour for a piece of meat, he would have said...Get in the truck. We are out of here. Glad it was worth the wait.

    Why couldn't you still by a bottle of champagne? You could each take turn drinking it while the other paddled. Get creative!

    Poor mom. I don't think any of us think we are as old as we really are. I'll have to tell you a story about my mom and dad and a reunion when I see you tomorrow. They diffidently didn't think they were as old as everyone else.

    1. The brisket was great but the line was terrible. We won't do that again.

  3. Really glad to hear you didn't sink. I really hate standing in line for almost anything anymore. Just too many other options.

  4. I christened my inflatable kayak with a bottle of lemon soda, just in case it didn't work well. All for naught because it's worked out great, except for getting in and out gracefully. :cO

    Coming EAST in the MH??? Hmm, this could be fortuitous! ;c)

    1. I don't think lemon soda in the pool would have been welcomed either. Fortuitous? Heading EAST? Perhaps.

  5. OK, so the pics of the kayak in the pool are REALLY funny !

  6. That's a nice looking pool... I too think a bottle of Champagne would have been fine... at least after the initial voyage...

  7. If we get a kayak, we will definitely start in a pool:)


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